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Stopping in Zaandam

14th August 2017 – While I was in Amsterdam, I stopped in Zaandam to have a quick look on the Aquarel. She was looking good, but a bit squeezed in between two other ships. I was a bit disappointed about the paintwork of the hull. For a sandblasted ship which was coated with epoxy, I found red paint coming through on several locations. Something must have gone wrong during this process.

Tordino – Second level

15th April 2017 – One of the jobs was to create a second level in the hold, behind the Library. There are two water tanks and they take most of the space in this area. By raising these tanks, I could reuse the space underneath. It took me some time to build a solid frame. These tanks, filled, have a weight of 1.2 tons each. I wanted to add a small fuel tank as well, so it must be strong.

The other job involved building a solid frame for the doors and entrance of the library. I want a small stage in front of the door. This was easier to build, but it still took me most of the afternoon to finish it.

Zelzate shipyard and Herita meeting

30th March 2017 – In the early morning I drove to the shipyard Carron in Zelzate where friends of mine have a ship. It is their last day out of the water. I’ve got a lot of stuff from this ship that will serve in my museum aboard Tordino.

There was a heritage meeting in the afternoon. I followed a few sessions and had an interesting afternoon.

Having a good chat!

8th March 2017 – One of the ships along our moorings was sold a few months ago. The new owner is converting his ship at the yard. he is extremely passionate about converting ships and we had a good chat. Looking forward to have more of these evenings!

High water

14th January 2017 – There was heavy wind last night and a lot of rain. The barrier in Beernem was closed and water was high in Bruges. Because of the high tide and the wind, several of our ships got stuck on land when the water lowered. I decided to stay the night in Bruges.

Just home!

8th January 2017 – Just home after a heavy week of boating! I need to update this blog from November till now and a lot of events took place! So it might take a while. What happened last month? I swapped the Aquarel for the Tordino.