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Going to Bruinisse and Veere

21st July 2018 – In the morning I went to Bruinisse. It were visserijdagen. I was surprised to see in what good condition their trawlers are. Massive ships and no rust!

Just like last year, I went to Veere. There is a historical barge race for old inland fishing boats like botters, Hoogaars and lemmeraken. It was a great event. I took a small trip on a tourist boat. This was perfect for taking close range pictures.


Visiting ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ in Zelzate

6th July 2018 – We went to see the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ in Zelzate. She will be launched in the water next week, so this was one of the last days to take some pictures after the repairs had been done.

It is a good thing the new owner repaired the bow. Sadly enough, the yard didn’t do it properly. The shape and curve were not followed and instead of welding, a lot of silicon was used.




Visiting neighbours at the yard

5th April 2018 – I quickly drove to the yard in Zelzate. A neighbour is on the slipway with her boat. She had a survey done and was surprisingly positive about the result! There were a few minor issues. I wanted to help, but couldn’t find the energy. Just back from the yard myself and going back with my second ship in September means enough yard work for me!

Cold times!

22nd February 2018 – I’m holding my hart what will happen next week. If they are right about the temperatures, it will be very cold. I’ve ordered a heat wire for around the water pipes in the bowthruster area since there is no other heating option in that room. I’m sure the Watergeus is heathed enough.