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Watergeus – Nearly there..

24th October 2009 – The bathroom received it’s third and final coat of paint. The sink was connected to the pump in the kitchen. I mounted the furniture for the bathroom and by the end of the evening, I painted the kitchen floor. A few more days and the hold is done!

Watergeus – Bathroom, deck

18th October 2009 – In the kitchen a few more details needed painting. The bathroom received it first coat of paint. Since my deck is having a lot of rust, the worst places have been oiled to prevent getting it worse. It is now the second day I’m sleeping in the hold instead of the back accommodation. A big change!

In the afternoon I visited a neighbour. The previous owners of the ship had come over for some explanation of the ship and the engine. Great people with a lot of ship knowledge.

Watergeus – Bathroom & friends

12th October 2009 – Last night I gave a second coat of oil on the floor.

While the last bits were done on the shower, friends from Sluiskil came over to have a chat and a drink. It had been a while and it is always nice to hear other people’s opinion on your work.

Watergeus – Second coat for the kitchen

3rd October 2009 – In the early morning I connected the phone cable so I have Internet in the hold. First drilling a small hole in the hull, then pulling the cable to the office area, 25 meters further.

Later that day I loaded another load of pellets aboard. The rest of the day was spent painting the kitchen and the living room.

Watergeus – Painting and cleaning

29th September 2009 – In the morning and a big part of the afternoon I painted the living room. A first coat of finishing paint on the sides. In the early evening I cleaned the engine room, removing all rubbish left from putting the pipes for the heater. I cleaned the bilges, some rust from the early days was still underneath the engine, I hovered all the plates, etc… She is looking nice and presentable again.