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Watergeus – Walls

21st November 2010 – Finishing the walls with tongue and grove is a boring job. After a while you it becomes so repetitive. It looks good when it is finished and that is the most important thing!

Watergeus – Shower

20th November 2010 – Since I build the shower myself, the wooden construction needs to be waterproof. My sheets of multiplex are waterproof, but actually that is only the glue they used to fabricate them. Therefore a seal has been glued over the sheets. It needs to dry a day, so I’ll see when I continue tiling the shower area.

Watergeus – Mounting the water pump

17th November 2010 – The workbench in the engine room was extended so I could mount the water pump. There is also enough space for some tools like spanners and screw drivers. I still have to paint the new construction in case I ever have a leak. The wood will be protected.

The plans for the little yacht are finished. I now have to draw them in scale, once this is done I’ll post the plans.

Watergeus – Woodwork

13th November 2010 – Some more woodwork was done in the back accommodation, mainly finishing one side with tongue and groove pine wood. It is a slow job, but I like the result.

I removed the remaining electricity cables, include the whole 24v circuit. It is to expensive to maintain a 24v circuit when I have mains power and I never sail the Watergeus.

Watergeus – Paint

15th October 2010 – A last bit of wall has now been removed, and the remaining corners and rivets painted with a good coat of primer. I would love to start building that wall. It makes look the room more finished.