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Watergeus – Workshop and LED

2nd March 2020 – My neighbour gave me some good advice about my LED lights. I tuned them, pointing at the metal. Now the back accommodation is lighted up. It looks much better then just a light strip. 

I also continued working in the workshop, building another wall with insulation and plywood. The next step is the ceiling and mounting the door between the room for the central heating and the workshop. 

Watergeus – Plywood

2nd March 2020 – Buying plywood and unloading it aboard the Watergeus. Since I don’t have much space, I have to get small quantities. After nearly fifteen years of converting the Watergeus, I don’t want to know how much wood was loaded aboard this ship…

Watergeus – Removing Ballast tank and lowering the heater

23rd December 2019 – In the morning we went to pick up a diesel heater for the Watergeus, a young model, perfect for my central heating.  Before we could lower it in the hold, I had to remove the old ballast tank. In 2007 we welded a ballast tank, but it had been used one time. Ii was taking so much space, we now removed it.


At lunch time, two additional friends came to unload the heater and lower it into the hold. Everything went well. Sadly enough at the last stage, lowering it into the hold, the rope broke and the heater felt down the hatch on the floor. So no heating in the next couple of weeks. No one to blame, a sad accident…


Watergeus – Cleaning the storage space

21st December 2019 – I’ve started cleaning out the storage space. It will be used for the central heating. The second part will become a clean room, probably for restoring my objects for the museum. This hold has been used since I own the boat for putting away tools and spare parts. You can imagine how much stuff was stored in this room. Even my old tins of paint from the start were still there. I filled up a van with rubbish…

The room is now empty and ready for cutting out the ballast tank.

Watergeus – Painting

15th September 2019 – The den and front cabin got a second coat of paint. I put some order on my deck and put the propellers back on the roof of the bathroom. One of them was slightly to heavy and I had to use my crane. Never underestimate the luxury of having a crane aboard your ship!

On starboard side, I removed a metal strip so the water could easier get of the ship. I did the same thing on port side last year.

The little boat on my deck was cleaned and I moved some old plates and put them under the hatches. All small things that make my ship looking better again.

Watergeus – Getting some new furniture

16th  August 2019 – We went to Ikea to get some furniture for the living.  It took us two hours for shopping and another two for waiting in the queue.  In the afternoon I started dismantling some of the old furniture. When I came back from friends, I built one cupboard.

Watergeus – Getting the desk

13th August 2019 – I picked up an old desk at my parents place. It is a handmade desk from the early 30’s, which had been in family ever since. Last year, I had a chance of getting it, but no place to put it. I decided to store this lovely part of furniture temporary at my parents place until now. 

Watergeus – Office space

11th August 2019 – After a good night of partying in Bruges, I finaly started with the conversion of my office space. When I built the Watergeus in 2005-2007, I had little money so the desk was made with plywood. Behind the desk were all the cables, but nothing really finished.  Today I removed the first part of that desk, including old cables and stuff I no longer needed. As expected, I did discover several older items and decoration I was barely aware of they were still aboard…

I had several small cabinets full of documents from boats, conversions, etc.. I’ll move them to Tordino where they will be added to the archive. 

Watergeus – small jobs take time

28th July 2019 – I started working in the corridor of the bedroom in the Watergeus. After the fire incident in 2015, I had rebuild the walls but, I never finished the woodwork around the portholes.  There are still seven portholes that needs finishing. I managed to do two of them.