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Watergeus – Wheelhouse and deck

22nd April 2020 – I continued with the wheelhouse. Giving a coat of oil early in the morning. Sadly enough it was not dry in the evening, so I continued sanding down the other sides of the wheelhouse and filling up the wholes and rotten parts. It was a nice wheelhouse, but it is really starting to show its age.

I discovered a leak in my deck last week. Tomorrow I will weld it when I have someone to check for possible smoke or fire inside the ship. I prepared the deck removing the old bronze pipe. 

Watergeus – Wheelhouse door

19th April 2020 – I fixed an issue with the wheelhouse door. This door was badly damaged a few years ago. I welded a frame and mounted it against the door. It is the cheapest option at the moment.

The stairs to the wheelhouse were sanded down and I cleaned the deck, so it is ready for painting tomorrow. 

In the evening, I did a bit of woodwork in the wheelhouse.

Watergeus – Table and wheelhouse

17th April 2020 – I got myself a new table for on deck.  People gave it away for free. We are really living in a consumerism society. There is nothing wrong with the table. At least, I’m happy. It is a proper table where you can easily sit with four people. 

I got a little further in covering the cables in the wheelhouse.  

Watergeus – Wheelhouse

16th April 2020 – Since I’m back from the yard, one year and a halve ago, I filled up the wheelhouse and never got to it to clean it. I started sorting out my tool and equipment. 

I built new supports for around the windows. They are also covering some cables I had to mount for the last survey.

Watergeus – Small pieces

6th April 2020 – I was tired, had a bad night of sleep and it was busy homeworking. In the evening I did two small things, making a frame around the central heating pipes and mounting a plywood in the entrance. 

The water was so clear, I could see fish swimming around my rudders.