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Watergeus – Box on the starboard side

27th July 2009 – I built half of the box in the living room. This will hide the water pipe and central heating pipes as well as a few smaller electricity cables.


I believe one of the reasons why I like a ship is the work that has to be done in the hold. Sun was coming in through the portholes, some music was playing and I could easily make a construction without being interrupted by others. When working like that you can make a lot of progress.

I want the box to be ready for this Saturday. There is an event on the quay and people have an exposition in my hold. I’m afraid somebody might step on the water pipe so I’m already covering it.

Watergeus – Inspection hatches

26th July 2009 – I used to call them hatches, but they are noting more then holes in three layers of floor construction. Now I realise I should have built them earlier. Three holes in the same amount of hours. Talking of slow progress…

Watergeus – Bathroom

11th July 2009 – Imagine, you need to grain a hole in the metal side of an area with furniture. You can’t stand on the toilet since it is only holding by it’s water pipe, the hole has to be made above your head and you have less then 70cm of space around you.

Well it takes nearly three hours to make such a hole with the size of 10 by 10cm. When finished I was burned on hands, face and arms. But at least a hole was made and the air vent could be mounted!

Later that day I finished one wall in the bathroom and gave up working for today.

Watergeus – Front accommodation and bow rudder

6th June 2009 – In the early morning I helped a neighbour removing his rudder. It will be nicely restored. She is the only ship in Bruges left with a wooden rudder and one of the few that has an owner that takes care of it!

During the day I insulated the front cabin and in the late afternoon I started creating a hole in the front deck to enter the bow rudder for the ship. In February I took it of from the Julie (the spits barge with wooden rudder) and now it’s time to put it on my ship.

Watergeus – Storage space

5th July 2009 – Another storage system has been built, I have one more left to build in the engine room. I can now nicely sort out my thins of paint, tools, spare parts for the engine, portholes and other stuff.

Watergeus – Kitchen

4th July 2009 – Finished the wood work in the kitchen today. Another big job has been done. Nice to see quick progress.

In the evening I went taking some pictures of barges seen from the waterline…

 A yacht built on the hull of a wooden trawler from 1956

A yacht built on the hull of a wooden trawler from 1956


Watergeus – Chipping rust

29th June 2009 – I would love to have my deck again in blank metal. Whenever I have some time I remove paint and rust. To make sure no new rust is coming, I try to protect my deck with some oil. After building some more storage space in the engine room, I spent most of the evening chipping rust.