Aquarel – Painting the hull

2nd August 2013 – The hull needs a good coat of paint. I tried painting her, but yachts are passing to quickly and at the end of the day my little boat sank because of the waves and the hits to the hull it had to sustain…

Why can’t yacht people be social? I’m angry, very angry!

Aquarel – A little lifeboat

30th July 2013 – I put a little life or work boat aboard. I had been looking for years to fin a little boat that I could carry on the rooftop of my car. A little boat you can carry yourself and that doesn’t sink.

The plan is to work on the hull in the weekend. I want her to look a bit better.

Aquarel – The last remains of the floor…

28th July 2013 – The last remains of the floor in the bedroom were removed. I cleaned the floor. I’m getting there to give it an impression of a cargo hold. I just need to remove that little more and you feel yourself in an old cargo boat!

I’ve started putting new electricity in the hold. The old one was very unsafe and badly damaged during the rip-out work I had done the last two months.

Aquarel – Getting the generator aboard

27th July 2013 – For the first time in weeks it has been raining and badly! Just the moment to unload a generator and use a car crane. There was lightning all around us! My neighbour and me managed to load her aboard in less then fifteen minutes. Isn’t it great to have a working car crane?

My workshop is becoming a mess. Lately, I filled it with tools, useful stuff and less useful stuff. I started cleaning it completely. Time was running out, I’ll do the rest on a later date.

Aquarel – Generator

26th July 2013 – It is nice to have shore power when you are working. In case it falls out, you can’t do much these days. Most tools need power. If batteries are flat you need to charge them, etc…

I’ve just got hold of a 6kva Hatz generator, electric starting. It took four people to load her in my van. I’m by myself tomorrow to unload it…

Aquarel – Breaking down the kitchen

20th July 2013 – Today I spent most of the time breaking out the living room and kitchen. There is so much wood, I will have to drive several times to th skip place. Like last week, behind every panel is another amount of stuff to be found. This time is is steel cable and a pack of new power cables.

In the evening I made a little test drive with my neighbours tug.

Aquarel – Removing the bathroom

6th July 2013 – A long time ago, I read in a book on surviving earthquakes, that a bathroom is often the most secure place to stay. While ripping out the walls of this bathroom, I can confirm this statement! This bathroom was built in massive wood, two frameworks and four layers of paneled wood.

Aquarel – Moisture

29th June 2013 – While breaking down the second bedroom, I started to smell and feel a lot of moisture. Quickly I discovered the bathroom must have been leaking for years (and still does). This means, I will remove the bathroom before I continue with the rest of the ship. Since I want no leaking water tank, I’m carefully disconnecting pipe by pipe and wire by wire.

During the removal of stuff, I discovered a little door? Once opened, it was filled with wood and rubbish, enough to fill half my car! Most people would be excited, I’m starting to have enough of discovering rooms with rubbish…


Aquarel – Breaking down bedroom number two

23th June 2013 – It has been raining the whole day. I was expecting it since the forecast was right this time. A perfect moment for an inside job. I broke down the second bedroom. So when you walk aboard the Aquarel, two rooms have rivets and wooden hatches visible!

Most work in breaking down an old interior is filling up the car and driving away with lots of rubbish! She is in a better condition then when I bought the Watergeus. Nevertheless I still prefer an empty hull then one with an interior….


Aquarel – Cleaning the bow

18th June 2013 – Cleaning the bow is one the things I want to finish before the winter starts. he whole ship looks very much neglected and is in need of a good coat of paint. The bow is rusty, but it is also the nicest part of the ship… I’ve done the hatch and the mast, now the deck and the bow!

Aquarel – Repairing some damage

16th June 2013 – Besides repairing the damage done by the wind yesterday, I started on the bow. It will be a major job to remove the paint and rust of the bow! The old name signs are gone. I’ll reuse them as decoration at some point….

The mast got another coat of paint. It starts to look good!

Aquarel – Paint jobs on the front deck

15th June 2013 – While I was cleaning anyway, I removed the paint from the hatch at the front of the boat. It was to windy to paint, still I decided to give it a go. Some grass and dust was blown into the paint, so I can restart…. 

Out of frustration, I removed some more of the interior of the boat.