Aquarel – Slow progress

15th October 2014 – It annoys me there is no progress to see or to show the people around you. I insulated the den on one side and put some wood over it. It is a small area, but it gives an idea . While doing so, some more of that big pile of wood is gone. Wall finished and floor visible!

Aquarel – New engine has arrived

14th October 2014 – The engine arrived and this means another step closer to make the ship navigable again. We put it on the front deck with the help of a big car crane on the back of a container barge, so I have enough space to dismantle the old engine. I will reuse the old engine as counter weight for the mast.


Aquarel – Looking for a replacement engine

13th October 2014 – I’ve been looking for a replacement engine for some time now. It is hard to find the same engine at a reasonable price. I made plans for rebuilding the current engine, but nobody really knows what happened to it. She was badly damaged the last journey and had severe frost damage from a few years ago.

Replacing the engine was another plan. I love DAF engines and it would be nice to put a DAF aboard my ship. This also means replacing gearbox, etc…

A few days ago I found a second hand Detroit Diesel. I had a look this evening to check if it was indeed a new engine. So it seems…

Aquarel – Working with silicone

12th October 2014 – Since I don’t stand stable enough on my foot to cut big sheets of wood, my father came to help. While he was working with the saw, I put silicon on all the welding joints. At least no condensation can come the joints of the metal sheets. I don’t know whether it will help or be of any use. It is something to evaluate when they scrap the boat.

Aquarel – Back on track!

7th October 2014 – For over a month I hadn’t been aboard the Aquarel. Everything was there like I left it… I didn’t know where to start, so I cleaned up what I was last doing and continued insulating the den of the ship.

Aquarel – Studio is getting there…

6th September 2014 – There are only 24 hours a day, no matter how I try to do my best…. I decided to dedicate the whole day to work on the Aquarel. While my mother did some painting I managed to finish some more of the studio in the hold. Two walls are finished and the frame for the ceiling was also screwed to the wooden beams.

It took some time to get the curve right. I want to have a rounded ceiling, not a straight one. On the other side, I want to keep my ceiling height. The hold is undeep and I want to keep over two meters of standing height.

Aquarel – Cube for the mast

30th August 2014 – The cube for the the mast foot was welded today and tested. It was filled with water and only a few drips came out in the hold. It got another weld so it is watertight. The support was welded as well and the first bracket for the arm of the mast. The weather stayed dry so all the outside welding was done. My neighbours had a wedding party so we didn’t make it to late. A nice day and a lot of progress!

Aquarel – Kitchen and painting the wheelhouse

23rd August 2014 – Painting time. My mother came to paint the wheelhouse. By the end of this fine day, we got most of it done.

While she was painting, I continued on that kitchen. I would have been bankrupt if I was working for other people building a kitchen. Never thought it would take me that long…

Aquarel – Woodwork in the kitchen

21st August 2014 – Since the welding around my kitchen is finished I can concentrate on the woodwork again. It took me some time to mount the frame and the steel wires to hold the insulation. I’m surprised to see how much insulation that goes into a small area… Anyway, by the end of the evening the wall was finished to hold the kitchen sink and the other units.

Aquarel – Support for the mast

16th August 2014 – Nice weather, slightly cloudy. I had two thick sheets of metal for the mast support. This needs to be strong since it has to hold a serious weight in the near future. It took us all day to make the support and a waterproof casing for the foot of the mast.

Aquarel – Metal support for the watertanks

15th August 2014 – A national holiday on a Friday. This is perfect for a long weekend of working aboard the Aquarel. The only element I couldn’t count on was the weather. The whole day was raining. Anyway, I managed to weld the remaining supports for the hatches. At least when it is stormy, I don’t have to worry to much about losing them.

Heavy rain continued and therefore it was necessary to work inside. The metal framework for the watertanks was welded. The watertanks float above the wooden floor. In case I have to weld at the yard, I can get access to the bilges without moving my tanks.

Aquarel – One corner finished in the hold

25th July 2014 – The corner between the entrance to the hold is now finished with insulation and multiplex. It was a test case to see how I could do the rest of the hold. It went surprisingly well and I’m happy with the result. If I can do the rest like this as well, I might finish one side of the hold very quickly…

Aquarel – Insulating for a reason

24th July 2014 – At the moment I have to much stuff in the hold. Insulation and wood are taking a lot of space. I’m now going to concentrate on insulating some parts of the boat to get rid of the insulation and wood. I did some silicon on the joins where the roof was welded. In case I missed something when welding, I know it is now closed.

Aquarel – Foredeck

21st July 2014 – The weather was cloudy but dry. I finished the air vent for the toilet. It is a welded pipe with a cover in RVS. Something I made myself. Later that day I welded one profile for my hatches and did remove the old paint around it.

In the late afternoon the new metal was all painted. It looks less rusty now!