Aquarel – No bad weather damage!

30th August 2015 – After a heavy night of terrible weather, I had no motivation of working. Every excuse was fine to having to go to the boat. In the end I went in the late evening; Everything was fine. I expected a few windows to be broken, but there was no damage at all. While I was there, I finished the wall between the generator room and the hold.

Aquarel – Painting

28th August 2015 – A nice day for painting. My parents came and they painted. The deck was partly painted. The bedroom cabin I remade last year got its first coat of paint. It looks much bigger.

I can’t wait to paint the hold to let it look bigger. The light wood colour is still to dark.

I built the toilet walls and door. It went surprisingly well. Normally it takes some time to get the door right and this time It went so easy. These are the moments you get a boost and want to continue converting your ship.



Aquarel – Building a frame for the toilet

26th August 2015 – I only had half a day to work. I built the stage or floor for the toilet. Complex areas like kitchen, bathroom and toilets are built on a stage. In case there is a welding job at the bottom of the ship I don’t have to rip out the whole room with all the plumbing around it. It is going to be a small room since I like to keep the hold as big as possible.


Aquarel – Mounting a door

25th August 2015 – Between the metal stairs and the hold is a frame for the door. It took me nearly all day to get my door in position and mount it. I’m happy to be able to close the hold from the inside and still have light coming through.


Aquarel – Finishing the hold

24th August 2015 – I’m going to spent a whole week finishing most of the hold. The idea is to finish most of the hold before the winter starts. The majority of the t&g has been done, only corners and more difficult areas have to done.

Today I spent a whole day finishing the side where the electricity wires are. It is a construction that can easily be taken away to have access to the waterline in case I ever have to double the side of the ship.

A trip with the Titine

21st August 2015 – What is more relaxing then sitting on the front deck of a traditional french spits barge while it is cruising on the canals? Sunny weather, no wind and the engine running smoothly…

I decided to make a movie of the skipper and the whole journey. I mounted around ten camera’s on the ship.

Watergeus – Smaller jobs

18th July 2015 – I only have half a day, so I decided to do some smaller jobs like cleaning the corridor and hovering the dust out. Since it is my living accommodation, I like keeping it clean.

The weather was fine and I had to paint around the portholes inside. So I started outside, the bow needed a good coat of paint. It was cleaned last year when my foot was broken, but never got any coat of paint. Once the bow was painted, I continued with the supports for the zwierbomen and two bollards. Since the inside is painted and all the insulation is gone, I don’t smell any burn smell anymore. Everything will come right at some point…


Watergeus – Putting a floor in the front area part II

16th July 2015 – Half a days spent of finishing the floor. The small front area now looks much bigger. I put a coat of primer on the wood and now you get a good feeling about the size. Together with the front cabin, it could be a nice accommodation.

Anyway, I will use it as my new study room – library. The front area was one of the last non insulated areas aboard. There is one more, but since it is a storage unit, I’ll keep it bare metal for now.

Watergeus – Putting a floor in the front area

15th July 2015 – I finished the ceiling in the front area. It was much more work then expected, but it always is on boats!

My father cleaned some old shipping floor (azobe wood) and I mounted it as my new floor. Every planks has a weight of 30 or more kilograms. Cutting is very hard and by the evening, only halve was done. Since I forgot my electric screw driver on the Aquarel, I could only shoot a few nails. Half of the nails bent in the wood.


Watergeus – Front area

12th July 2015 – Before I could continue I had to clean the remaining stuff from the front area. I had enough of moving it from one side to the other. One piece of decoration, the old name sign of the Ross Leopard, was mounted on the wall. The black letters on a white background give a special effect to the room. It also means a lot to me hanging that old board in my ship.