Aquarel – The imaginary kitchen

5th February 2014 – Since I drew a line with a piece of chalk on my ceiling to make the line where my kitchen will stop, I can now officially say I’m working in the kitchen area. This give me a little hope that at the end of they day, I might succeed in converting this ship into something suitable….

It took me some time to mount one of the bigger wooden side supports on the bulkhead. After cutting the entrance in October, the bulkhead bent badly. I’ve now tried with a lot of clamps and some wood to bend it back. Without success…

Aquarel – Wrong glue?

3rd February 2014 – Just like the last two days, I’ve been drilling holes and bolting wood. I start to notice a difference. One side is now nearly finished, and I’m running out of wood.

I’m not so happy about the glue I used. Maybe it is to cold, but I have no good results with it. The wood doesn’t stick together. Fortunately I used screws so it is solid enough but I was hoping that the glue would do his part of the job…

At the end of the day, I cleaned the wheelhouse, making it a bit more comfortable to live.

Aquarel – What insulation to use?

1st February 2014 – The idea is to use foam as insulation for the ship. But I doubt, I might still go for the traditional insulation. Since I don’t know it yet, I’m making my frame work like on the Hornblower. Wide enough for putting insulation, but also solid enough to hold the foam and to screw sheets of multiplex on it afterwards.

It took me all day drilling holes and bolting the wood to the metal…

Aquarel – Framing the hold

29th January 2014 – Since the floor is nearly finished I can start thinking about framing the hold. This looks easy, but it needs a lot of planning. I want to keep the maximum of space, but I need to have ten centimeters between the framework and the metal for spraying insulation foam.

At the end of the evening, I managed to build a sample of the frame for the den. To clear my mind, I painted some more of the metal in the hold….


Aquarel – Welding frames on the floor

25th January 2014 – In the early morning, I started welding the remaining frames for the floor. Once finished, the whole framework was painted and the wood bolted to it.

By the end of the day the floor was nearly ready. It is so much nicer to walk on a decent floor then to step from one rib to the other….

Aquarel – Cleaning the hold

14th January 2014 – The first day I’m working again aboard the Aquarel. My grinder felt into several pieces, this was the end of continuing on my floor. Since I was there, I decided to clean the hold and to finish the woodwork around the diesel heather.

Aquarel – Cosy corner in the Wheelhouse

4th January 2014 – In the morning, I started cleaning some of the bilges. One square meter gave me two buckets of grease and rust. Everywhere I see a bolt, it is the moment to weld it. Saves me trouble later! I keep saying: it is a shame and a big stupidity to drill holes through her original hull and put bolts into her wooden floor from underneath!

Later that day I finished my entrance hatch and in the evening I worked on the wheelhouse, starting to make the corner where the diesel heather will come. I have to raise the heather a little bit since her exhaust doesn’t come to the hole at the back of the wheelhouse.



The heatpol heather has a long history. I bought it for the Hornblower when I was in Holland. I bought it back from the new owners of the Hornblower and installed it now aboard the Aquarel. Besides heating the room, you can also use it for cooking. 

Aquarel – Mast

29th December 2013 – The engine room doesn’t smell well with the oil and water in the bilges. I mounted the air vents that came with the ship. I hope with some fresh air, it will make it easier working in the engine room the next couple of weeks.

The mast at the back of my ship broke when I turned around in Merelbeke. A friend salvaged the mast and she is now back on the boat!

Aquarel – Wheelhouse

26th December 2013 – I finally managed to finish the wood work in the wheelhouse. She looks as good as she could. The metal beam in the middle is now covered with wood, old wood from the interior of the Hornblower.

The wood is mounted with copper screws. I reused the one I saved a few years ago when I dismantled the interior of my previous ship Hornblower. It is nice to know that the effort I made is now worth it!