Month: September 2008 - page 2

Watergeus – Preparing for Open Monumentendag

12th September 2008 – Mainly prepared the ship for Open Monumentendag tomorrow and Sunday. I emptied the whole back accommodation, just leaving an old laptop with some pictures and a lot of old stuff. It really looks old now. I will be sleeping in the hold for two days.

In the evening we lowered the mast and put some new flags. Since the winch is broken, we have to lower it by hand, not an easy job. Let’s hope the flags will last a year, like the others did…

Watergeus – Painting

8th September 2008 – During the day my mother painted a second coat of paint on the den, front cabin, entrance to the hold and tabernakels.

In the evening I went searching for wood for the sides of the sleeping room and office space. I bought laminate for the sleeping room as well.

Later that evening, I put the metal net against the side for the insulation and protected the wood with carboline. The last piece of framework is now also protected against wood worm. Later that evening some insulation was placed as well…

Watergeus – Painting the den

4th September 2008 – During the day my parents painted the den on my ship. I bought the paint over a year ago, but since so many things happened around the den I was never able to paint it. Items such as placing extra portholes, welding a roof, replacing windows, fixing the hatches caused serious delays in painting the den.