Month: October 2010 - page 2

Dutch Barge Consultancy

9th October 2010 – Many people asks me for information. Wherever possible I always tried helping them. Since these questions and barge visits are taking a lot of my time, I’ve just started doing this as a semi-professional job.

Please have a look at my site (under construction).

Watergeus – Living Room

7th October 2010 – I still had to close the wooden construction where water pipes are running through. It is a job that I had to do a longtime ago. Together with the wood I ordered on Monday, I bought some planks to close the gap.

Watergeus – Painting front accommodation, wood delivery and a last goodby to the Ross Leopard

4th October 2010 – In the early morning I went to the Ross Leopard to take some pictures of her being towed away. The tug never showed up and I felt asleep in the wheelhouse. Half of the morning was gone…

While I was waiting for the wood to be delivered, I painted the front accommodation. When this was done and the wood aboard the Watergeus, I finished the second entrance to the boat.