Month: February 2011 - page 2

Escapade – Measuring and rust

6th February 2011 – I just discovered there is some more water under the engine. I makes me think I might have another leak somewhere… Doesn’t feel good. I can handle leaks from above, but not from underneath.

I used some black rubber to seal the small leakage in the joint. I hope it will stay dry.

Recently I had removed some metal from the Escapade. Since I only had half a day to work I cleaned the remaining parts at the back of the yacht. I did some measuring as well and removed some more rust.


Escapade – Water in the back compartment

5th February 2011 – There is some water at the back of the ship. It is no rain water and the shaft isn’t leaking. The joint between the bottom and the back is leaking. Small rivets and a lot of rust. I wonder if my cutting and hammering last week didn’t make it worse. I did cut out some old structured metal, and probably the best part of the ship…

Watergeus – Back accommodation

5th February 2011 – Tiling was finished on the floor in the bathroom and toilet. The ceiling of the sitting area and the walls got their wallpaper. The shower crane was mounted and a part of the wheelhouse was sanded down. Briefly written what was done today.