Month: April 2011 - page 2

London part II

4th April 2011 – I went for a walk on the beach in Brentford. taking pictures between the barges, walking around at the old shipyard, etc… After having a chat on nearly every boat, we went back to Belgium in the late evening and arriving the next morning at three O’clock.


3rd April 2011 – In December last year, I had no time to make a small trip to my friends in London. I went on a quick journey to London, leaving today in the early morning and coming back Tuesday morning.

For the first time, I went a bit further then Brentford, making a nice walk along the Grand Union Canal. After about walking for twenty minutes, you could hardly imagine being in one of the world busiest city.

In the afternoon, I met a few people living on a barge. I had a nice chat with them.