Month: May 2011 - page 2

Hornblower – Sleeping room, bilges and engine room

7th May 2011 – I continued ripping out the floor of the bedroom to clean the bilges. Andy came to remove the old heater and batteries. I filled up my car with wood, till, it became dangerous to drive. At least four layers of floor were built. I believe every owner added another one. There is no such thing as a cheap boat!

While cleaning he bilges, the screwdriver felt out of my hand, straight through the hull. Fortunately, I quickly discovered she was doubled on that area.

Watergeus – Back accommodation

4th May 2011- I worked on nearly every aspect of the back accommodation: electricity, plumbing, oiling the floor and fitting the mirror again. The water tanks in the back are now filled up and not leaking, so I can start using the whole water circuit!