Month: February 2018 - page 2

Tordino – Wooden beam

3rd February 2018 – Probably one of the most dangerous parts of the conversion was lifting one of the wooden beams 3.6m heigh and secure it.

This beam will be used to hold the ceiling. With the two of us we managed to get it in position. Once secured, it gave the right impression on the height of the ceiling. Now I just need to order the wood and I can start building the roof.

Tordino – Building the kitchen and bedroom

2nd February 2018 – I’m still working on the old accommodation. There will be a bedroom and kitchen. I spent most of the day finishing the kitchen. I’m glad it doesn’t have to be a functional kitchen.

We did some painting in the afternoon. Knowing how many square meters that will be painted in the next couple of weeks….