Month: April 2020 - page 2

Watergeus – Wheelhouse door

19th April 2020 – I fixed an issue with the wheelhouse door. This door was badly damaged a few years ago. I welded a frame and mounted it against the door. It is the cheapest option at the moment.

The stairs to the wheelhouse were sanded down and I cleaned the deck, so it is ready for painting tomorrow. 

In the evening, I did a bit of woodwork in the wheelhouse.

Stern – Old photos

17th April 2020 – I received an email with pictures from one of the previous owners of the Stern. The ship was called Paulien. It is nice to get some closer to the history if the vessel.

Can’t wait to move her and start working on her.

Watergeus – Table and wheelhouse

17th April 2020 – I got myself a new table for on deck.  People gave it away for free. We are really living in a consumerism society. There is nothing wrong with the table. At least, I’m happy. It is a proper table where you can easily sit with four people. 

I got a little further in covering the cables in the wheelhouse.  

Watergeus – Wheelhouse

16th April 2020 – Since I’m back from the yard, one year and a halve ago, I filled up the wheelhouse and never got to it to clean it. I started sorting out my tool and equipment. 

I built new supports for around the windows. They are also covering some cables I had to mount for the last survey.