Month: May 2021 - page 2

Tordino – Last bits and pieces

13th May 2021 – I mounted the last bits and pieces of t&g. I started cleaning the Library, had some time for scanning book covers and had to buy a new mobile phone. Just two days before the opening, it broke and I can’t live without it, people calling me for reservations, etc…

Tordino – Painting and steel cable

12th May 2021 – My mother gave a first coat of paint on the inside of the new entrance. I did some smaller jobs like putting a timer before the LED lights, hanging the ship’s bell and adding an extra steel cable to the back of the ship. The life rings are now also on the gangway.

Tordino – Rush to open next weekend

9th May 2021 – There is still the pressure to open next weekend. I tried finishing the t&g in the entrance. I didn’t manage to get it done.  I attached the power cable to the guardrail so when they cut the grass the cable is safe. I attached the big straps to  the ship. I will need to more  to be secure. The LED strip is now hanging from mast to radar. If people don’t see me know….




Tordino – Slack in the ropes

8th May 2021 – I slept very well but discovered I had a lot of slack in my ropes and the gangways is going a bit everywhere. I need to find a solution so I went shopping. Installing the new straps is for tomorrow. I have a bit enough of Tordino and drove to the Watergeus. There are two more vessels that need attention and a lovely care!

Tordino – On her mooring

7th May 2021 – I had to take half a day off to get things organized. I was surprised to see how much had to be done and I’m always nervous moving my own ships. The skipper was half an hour late, but that was good news since the wind was still slowing down. We had a perfect mooring manoeuvre. The gangway was mounted one hour later and now I’m ready to go to bed.

Tordino – Multiple jobs – stress

5th May 2021 – I’m getting stressed out. Doesn’t happen quickly but where to start to get finished by the end of the week…. I mainly spent my time welding the metal pins to the bollards and making the hinch system for the gangway.

My neighbours came to help and painted the hull black. At least one thing less to worry about. We also tried righting up the distance keeper but that failed, so I secured it in a way It can’t get to my ship.