Month: August 2021 - page 3

Rowing with a dinghy to the Watergeus

7th August 2021 – To gain some time tomorrow, and not to have to pass the lock tomorrow, I asked the lock if I could move my ship by hand. Then I rowed it to my houseboat. It took me much longer then expected. Water and wind were an enemy while in Oudenburg, I had a feeling it would have helped me. The boat is now alongside my houseboat.


Baron – Trip

4th August 2021 – While making a small walk, I noticed the Baron was making its first trip with the new owners. They are working hard on making a beauty again from this historical sailing ship.

Stern – Journey to Oudenburg

4th August 2021 – When moving the Stern, so many people looked at me. Some of them were seriously interested, others were looking at the ship like it was a wreck…. What people don’t know is that I’m proud of owning this ship. Many people want to own a ship or dream of one. I just did it. Tough or sad, I don’t care. I made it safely to Oudenburg with the white lifeboat alongside. Now it is time to continue working on the Stern to finish her.  Earlier this month I was still planning on selling her, now I know more then ever I will use her for cruising on our canals in the evening. 

Later that evening, I continued sanding down the new door for the back and had a great evening with one of the neighbours.