Month: August 2023 - page 2

Tordino – Making a small list of things to do

15th August 2023 – While I’m making plans for the Stern, There is also a lot of work that needs to be done aboard Tordino:

  • Repainting the entrance white
  • removing the old tar and paint on port side
  • repainting port side
  • patching up the decks where the paint came loose
  • removing the flaky paint at the bow
  • repainting the bow
  • repainting the white part between the rudders
  • removing the paint from the car crane
  • repainting the deck in green
  • patching up the back accommodation where some rust is coming through
  • replacing the living batteries of Tordino
  • adding battery keys to disconnect them
  • ….

So I’m glad I no longer have the Watergeus. Making a list for that ship would also be extremely long. Realizing there are only 24 hours in a day…

Stern – Making a small list of things to do

14th August 2023 – I’m making a list of things I want to do on the Stern. It near the end of the summer and besides moving her occasional and cleaning her once, I haven’t done much.

  • Putting the new mattress aboard
  • Adding a new extension cable so I can use the LED lights at night when it becomes dark
  • Removing the green mold from the outside of the windows
  • Cleaning the inside: removing unnecessary tools and spare parts
  • Mounting the toilet
  • Sorting out the electricity
  • adding a water connection from the water tank to the toilet
  • rebuilding the engine room floor with proper hatches and plywood.
  • changing the paint scheme on the outside of the wheelhouse
  • finishing the silicone joint between the rubber and the deck
  • Welding the railing where it came lose
  • Adding a new coat of oil to the door and skylight
  • Finishing the door
  • Adding a new Belgian flag
  • Painting the mast at the back
  • Replacing the engine battery
  • Checking why the AIS is not working
  • Finishing the inside of the cupboards

My idea was to do most of these things tomorrow, but the longer I start thinking about it, the less these things will happen. The Stern still needs a bit of love and care… So if it doesn’t rain, she should look a bit more like this:

Tordino – New flag, front is empty and scanning

13th August 2023 –  The last bits were moved out of the ship today. Boxes with anchor chains, old stairs, clamps, winches, etc… Now the whole area up and down is empty and ready to be converted into a study room for the Library.

In the afternoon, most time was spent on scanning old documents and some photos of the Antwerp Port.

Tordino – Emptying the front and scanning

12th August 2023 – In the morning, I started emptying the remaining bits and pieces at the front of the ship. Once the van was filled, I noticed I will need to drive a second time. So much stuff collected in al these years….

In the afternoon, I continued scanning books, magazines and nautical maps for the Library, in between some visits from people who wanted to see the ship. A day well spent!

Tordino – Making more space

5th August 2023 – At the back of the ship, there is a small space with the water tanks. It was filled with spare parts of the engine and some tools. I wasn’t aware of what I had stored there. It was all put there when I just bought the ship, but I never go into that space. Now it is empty! I will put the useful stuff in my warehouse. I will throw away the other stuff.

Now I need to clean this space and then I will fill it with spare parts for the museum.