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Tordino – Day 1: from Leeuwarden to Vreeswijk

4th January 2017 – Just a few pictures from the first part of the journey:




This is also the day where I lost several baskets for my ropes, a gangway, ropes and much more. There was 8 Beaufort wind on the IJselmeer and 9 Beaufort wind on the Markermeer.  The power supply of the lorry for the hatches broke and felt in the water, causing the generator to stop working. A serious nightmare!  Thanks to a skipper that had to be home because he had an argument with his wife.

Tordino – Arriving late at the CMS shipyard in Leeuwarden

3rd January 2017 – We arrived late in the evening aboard the Tordino. After a good meal and a few drinks we all went to bed, to wake up, a little later when another ship hit us. Earlier that day, the yard had launched a ship, but they forgot to put ropes around her so she wouldn’t drift. Besides hitting our ship, and probably a few more on her way, she took a little tjalk with her as well…

She was stopped at the end of the canal, when she became stuck, bow to stern between other ships. I just hoped they would tow her away so we could leave the next day. One thing is for sure, they are amateurs!