Tordino – Library and front light

25th November 2023 – I got some time to work in the library, building the entrance and starting with the ceiling. 


I also finished the front light. Somewhere in June I mounted an empty shell of a light. Now I put a LED bulb in the shell as anchor light. 

Tordino – BBS

9th November 2023 – There have been few updates lately. I’m mainly working on our project to make an inventory of the Belgian inland vessels. Nearly every evening I’m working between 2 and 4 hours on this project: developing the app and adding the data. Thankfully it is becoming winter, so I can’t do much on Tordino or the Stern.



Tordino – Heavy storm

2nd November 2023 – There was a heavy storm today. I stayed around Tordino the whole day. I had no major damage, but she will need a good clean once the wind has gone down. I only had some rain coming in through the door and windows of the wheelhouse. 

While I was there, I continued with t&g in the Library

Tordino – Back aboard

28th October 2023 – I loaded some plywood aboard and continued working at the front. The shield is now covered in wood with some insulation.  It took me much longer then expected. I also had to be very creative to get to the ceiling.

Stern – Cleaning

14th October 2023 –  It is getting colder, so I closed the air vents aboard the Stern and did some cleaning. Hopefully I will have more time next year to take her out a few more times then this year.  Maybe I’ll make a trip somewhere next week.  To be continued….

Tordino – Cleaning the decks, mounting a second screen for digitalisating and development of a tool

9th October 2023 – My parents spent a whole day cleaning the deck. They will need a few more days.

In the evening I mounted a second screen so I can see the scanned postcards on one screen and the tool on the other screen. I reused an old television I got from my neighbours.

I also continued developing the tool for the Belgian fleet of inland vessels.

Tordino – Painting green

1st October 2023 – I painted the roof of the back accommodation and the hathces at the front. The green I had ordered is not really what I expected. Likely I will repaint the hatches with a different colour.