Tordino – Cleaning and painting

6th September 2023 – I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning, so we could get an early start cleaning the boat and doing some painting. At 11 o’clock we had to stop, to start again in the late evening. It is way to warm to working during the regular hours.

I also had a visit from the current owner of the Watergeus. We talked about removing paint and how intense this is…

While waiting in the afternoon, I continued scanning postcards and photographs. I didn’t want to have a wasted day…

Tordino – Scanning

1st September 2023 – I did some shopping for the paint work I’m planning next week. In the late afternoon I mounted the name sign I got earlier this week and changed the corner where we sell some books.

The rest of the evening was spent scanning old photographs and postcards. It is raining to much to do anything else.

Tordino – Unloading insulation and tools – Car crane – Scanning

26th August 2023 – I unloaded the insulation and some tools. I don’t have to much space to work, so I will only bring what I need at the time I need it.

Sanding down the car crane. The crane is aboard since the 90’s. By removing the paint, I could find back the white colour and the several types of yellow before I put a coat of red primer onto it a couple of years ago. Now it was dark brown, but we are bringing it back to bare metal so I can put 2component paint on it.

Sadly enough the weather was unreliable and we had to stop early.

The rest of the day was spent guiding visitors and scanning photos.

Terra Nova

20th August 2023 – The Terra Nova serves as an example to me. It is a perfect maintained ship with a nice set of colours. I used it for the Watergeus, Stern and Tordino. It are typical inland barge colours used in the Netherlands.