Tordino – Mooring posts (3)

7th April 2021 – In the morning I went to pick up steenschotten for the gangway. I used the same panels as floor for Aquarel years ago. They are solid and can be used outside.

In the afternoon I welded bits and pieces to the metal pipes for the mooring posts. At least, the pipe will now stick in the concrete.



Tordino – Mooring posts (2)

6th April 2021 – After making several phone calls to get some heavy pipes and some more stuff for the mooring, I went to Oudenburg to enlarge the holes and to make an extra one.  Should now be enough to secure Tordino properly.

I also started cleaning the concrete. I want is as clean as my neighbour.

The repairs aboard the Maxx – Launching the ship

3rd April 2021 – Today I helped launching the Maxx again. Sadly enough it was again no success. The manager of the marina wanted us to stay in the water, while I was sure this was not a good idea. After about 5 minutes I could no longer keep her up without pumping. I tried moving the ship with the idea of bringing her to a yard, but the steering was that bad I had to return and taker her back out of the water.

Tordino – Cleaning deck and painting the lifeboat

28th March 2021 – It was a very windy day. I started by cutting through the ribs of the bottom of the new entrance. Now it is a big hole and stuff can be lowered down. It was slightly tricky since I didn’t one the plate to fall down.  It worked out fine with some clamps and some wood.

I removed some paint from the decks, another two meters are gone.

My mother painted the lifeboat while I had it attached to the car. It was the only safe way to do so.

Tordino – Cutting up a watertank and working on the new entrance

26th March 2021 – I have four watertanks in the hold. One needs to go to make space for the stairs of the new entrance. I cut the tank into several pieces to take it out. Then it was time to remove the wood around the ceiling and walls.

In the late afternoon, two friends helped lowering the frame for the stairs. Now it is up to me to get them in position.