Stern – Sanding down a mast

14th September 2021 – The weather is not that great. I made the bottom for the kitchen cupboard. Then I started something else…

I want to put a second mast for the Stern, a small one, to hold some extra equipment and an extra antenna. It is the old mast from the Hornblower.  I started sanding it down until it rained.

Tordino – Mounting the mast and finishing my living room table

8th September 2021 – Two small jobs done today. I finished the little table for my living room. It was an old table I cut up and shortened so it fits for my chess board. 

In the afternoon, I mounted the mast I bought a few weeks ago. It is looking fine. Let’s see if it holds.  It was to warm to work so I gave up working and went looking for some shadow underneath some threes. 

Stern – Another trip

6th September 2021 – I made another trip with the Stern, this time with my father. It was a small journey, but at least I know he was happy. Probably thinking: money well spent on this one 😉

My neighbour took some nice pictures.


Stern – Three journeys

5th September 2021 – After having a good breakfast on the Watergeus, I drove back to Oudenburg to set out with the Stern. I made a first trip by myself and then two more journeys with friends and neighbours. A day well spent aboard the Stern. Driving a ship, that’s why she made for!

A new addition to the fleet

3rd September 2021 – This evening I picked up a Wildflower sailing boat. It is basically a dinghy that can be used as a motorboat, sailing ship or just for rowing. American design, but this one is produced in Germany in 1972. So next year, it will be 50 years old! The boat is just under 4 meters of  length and 1.7m wide. I also got a metal frame to store it on. The only thing I need to find now is storage space.



 The weight of the boat is supposed to be 45kg, but I had a feeling it is more. There is water in the air compartments.  The ship comes with all the original equipment, even te bags for the sails are original with the brand.

Some more specifications:

  • Sails: 30m2
  • Type: sloop



Tordino – Finishing the wall with the models

3rd September 2021 – The glass was mounted and the models are now visible to the public. The plan to build the wall was for October but since I had the models and moving them was to fragile, it was build in two days. I’m happy with the result.

I still have a nice wooden mast on top of my van. I made a metal support and will bolt this next to my ship for Open Monumentendag.