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Stern – Mounting the first window

15th October 2020 – I went shopping early in the morning, getting the right blades and some metal to make some ribs for the wheelhouse. In the evening, I cut the remaining bit for the window.

It looks so much different now. Having proper light coming in from two sides now. Two more to go.


Stern – Small leaks

27th September 2020 – I don’t know what to do at the moment. Still a leak in the corner of the living room and the wheelhouse. A bit further was also water and I noticed some humidity. To much to handle right now. In the afternoon I added some silicone in the corner. I hope it will stay dry. I wonder if turn my ship around, would the other side also be leaking? I will stop working for now on her, no more insulation and wood. If it stays dry for a longer period, I shall continue.

Stern – Shopping and securing

25th September 2020 – I spent most of the morning shopping for the stern. In the afternoon, I mounted the waterline for the kitchen and secured the ship for the big storm this evening. So fa, no more leaks in the ship!

By the end of the evening, the ship is leaning over to portside because of the wind. This makes me think when I move the ship during a windy day…

Stern – Small bits and pieces in the living room

21st September 2020 – First of all, I was tired from work. It is killing me the way it runs at the moment. I was glad to be home and to do something where you see progress, where I can make my own decisions and be responsible if it goes wrong…

I am  nearly out of wood, new wood was ordered on Saturday, so I started moving the ballast from the Watergeus to the Stern. Eight cans of each 30 kg. It makes a slight difference. I went up by 2 cm at the back. The front lowered around 3 cm. 

The joint of the ceiling from the living room and the wheelhouse was left open in case there would be a fire while welding the wheelhouse.  Now I finished it and build a wooden frame to make it stronger. I used my remaining filler to close the little holes from the nails.

Late in the evening, I made the holes bigger for draining the water from the roof. They are talking about rain on Wednesday.

Stern – Solar panels

19th September 2020 – While the weather was still good, I mounted two solar panels. I will use them to charge my living battery. Just mounting them and bolt them to a metal bar took me two hours. I still need to make proper supports, but I don’t know yet how I will make them.

In the afternoon, I put insulation and t&g in the ceiling of the wheelhouse. I really need to be careful with the weight at the back. In the evening I dropped two sheets of plywood and I’m lowering quickly at the back.

Stern – Mounting the fusebox

15th September 2020 – I have some spare fuses left at Tordino. Went to pick them up before heading back to the Stern. I mounted the fusebox but that’s where it stopped. I did some research on where to put the antennas on deck and I continued looking for windows. It is so hard to find cheap second hand windows…

Stern – Cleaning up

14th September 2020 – Today several small jobs were done like mounting an outside socket for the shore power, installing a temporary door, building the wooden frame for the wheelhouse and a lot of cleaning. I found it so important to start cleaning the inside of the wheelhouse.

I want to avoid that dust is coming into the engine room compartment. And yes the engine was still running after all we did the last week. I cleaned the mooring, removing Tomorrow back to work. I’m tired but it was a good holiday, doing a lot of work in a short period.

Stern – Painting the wheelhouse and welding small bits and pieces

12th September 2020 -I started by drilling wholes in the ribs and mounting wood. I want the wheelhouse to be more solid before I continue welding.

Some welding had to be done like small forgotten parts, ribs and a whole in the ceiling. Once this was done, the wheelhouse was painted in primer. Looks better for the neighbourhood. Some people were already looking strange at my project and some other neighbours complaining of giving critics.

Not that I bother to much, but I don’t want to provoke….