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Stern – Painting the upper structure and building a wooden frame

2nd August 2020 – The day started badly with heavy rain, but it stayed dry aboard the Stern. That gave me a good feeling.  I painted the upper structure, knowing the paint might get damaged by the welding of the wheelhouse in the future. At least the ship is starting to look good. Black hull, black deck, sides in brown and a green roof.

In the evening, I started building a cupboard on starboard side.

Stern – Waterwegenvignet

28th July 2020 – The last missing bit of paperwork for now is arranged. I needed a waterwegenvignet. My intention is now to cruise a bit around since I have no metal for the wheelhouse. It is constructor’s holiday so no shops are open…

I experimented with the join of the rubber strip and the deck. I sealed it with proper kit above. I will fill it with cheap kit underneath to fill up most of the gaps before giving a final layer with proper kit. 


I will start working on the outside tomorrow so I pumped out the little workboat.

Stern – Finishing a small wall

22nd July 2020 – A small wall above the cupboard was finished. I wanted to do something. It are the hours that make a project succeed or fail. If you work everyday a few hours, you will make it. By doing nothing or sitting on a chair and thinking, work doesn’t get done!

Since I have enough insulation, I try to put in as much as I can on the ship. We have no cold winters, but I don’t have central heating aboard. It might also help for keeping the heat of the engine out or the noise. 

Stern – Dismantling the heather

20th July 2020 – A small job but, it had to be done carefully, dismantling the heather in the living room. I want to reuse it. Around the heather was old insulation and wood. This is the last bit of old t&g that was left on the ship. I cleaned the sides of the ship. They are now ready for new insulation.

Stern – Free insulation

5th July 2020 – I found an advertisement for free Rockwool insulation. I drove to pick it up and filled my whole van. There is enough for the Stern and even more for future projects… Only one issue, where to store it?