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Stern – Making a two trips

19th September 2021 – I made a small trip to Stalhille and back, then made one on the harbour of Ostend and came back. It was a different location this time and nice to see, but not sure if I want to do it regularly. 

Stern – Making a box for the radio

15th September 2021 – Let’s say I was a bit tired from last night. It is always nice to chat to some people, make plans and listen to their ideas. Gives me energy. Energy that was somehow lost today…

Mainly worked on sanding down some planks for the floor of the wheelhouse. I also made a box for the car radio that will be installed in the wheelhouse. At least, when the ship is moving, I can listen to music.  My neighbour gave me some advise how to build a proper antenna. This is for the weekend…


Stern – Sanding down a mast

14th September 2021 – The weather is not that great. I made the bottom for the kitchen cupboard. Then I started something else…

I want to put a second mast for the Stern, a small one, to hold some extra equipment and an extra antenna. It is the old mast from the Hornblower.  I started sanding it down until it rained.

Stern – Another trip

6th September 2021 – I made another trip with the Stern, this time with my father. It was a small journey, but at least I know he was happy. Probably thinking: money well spent on this one 😉

My neighbour took some nice pictures.


Stern – Three journeys

5th September 2021 – After having a good breakfast on the Watergeus, I drove back to Oudenburg to set out with the Stern. I made a first trip by myself and then two more journeys with friends and neighbours. A day well spent aboard the Stern. Driving a ship, that’s why she made for!

Stern – Several jobs

3rd September 2021 – I took a day off. The plan was to paint the Stern. It was also planned to work in the museum, etc… Anyway Nothing of what was planned came through.

The floor I made last night for the bathroom is suiting fine. I mounted the toilet, just to have an idea of the room and the right height. Ballast was put underneath the floor to stabilize the ship. It is getting there…

The deck was cleaned so I can paint it tomorrow.