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Tordino – Mounting the mast and finishing my living room table

8th September 2021 – Two small jobs done today. I finished the little table for my living room. It was an old table I cut up and shortened so it fits for my chess board. 

In the afternoon, I mounted the mast I bought a few weeks ago. It is looking fine. Let’s see if it holds.  It was to warm to work so I gave up working and went looking for some shadow underneath some threes. 

Tordino – Finishing the wall with the models

3rd September 2021 – The glass was mounted and the models are now visible to the public. The plan to build the wall was for October but since I had the models and moving them was to fragile, it was build in two days. I’m happy with the result.

I still have a nice wooden mast on top of my van. I made a metal support and will bolt this next to my ship for Open Monumentendag.



Tordino – Ship models

27th August 2021 – I received a large number of ship models from sailing and navy ships. They are not suited for the museum since it has no relation to inland vessels. I can’t keep them in open air and ordering a glass cover for each of them is to expensive and not realistic.  I started rebuilding my living room, not sure yet where to put the other ones….

Tordino – Another nocturne

31st July 2021 – Last week, I salvaged an old table from the canal. I now installed it in my kitchen. I used the old adjustable table leg from the Stern. So I got a free table, twice the size of the original one for free! 

We had another nocturne event in the evening. It was a success and people were happy!