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Tordino – Gutters for the wheelhouse

11th August 2022 – Between every sheet of the wheelhouse roof, there is a wooden gutter. They are still fine, but not to last another 100 years. I left enough space between the sheets and the gutter to slide an aluminium gutter in between. If it works, the rain water should no longer touch the wood. Let’s hope, since they are speaking about heavy rain next week….

Tordino – Anchor

2nd August 2022 – My mother cleaned the front of the ship, namesigns and the canal side of the ship. That side urgently needs some attention!  I chipped the anchor on the front deck. An anchor I got from a neighbour, the same neighbour who later complained it was in front of the Watergeus. Well now it is aboard Tordino and it will remain there for a long period!

Tordino – Renewing the cables of the mast

31st July 2022 – I renewed the cables of the mast of Tordino. I believed one the cables had snapped, but it was a part of the bracket from the mast that broke. I just had enough stuff with me to solve this issue. So replacing cables took me nearly a day.

The weight of the LED lights is so heavy I had to strengthen the front of the mast a bit more. I can also use this part now for hanging some smaller flags.

I added some extra cables like I did on the Watergeus. Theoretical I can now double the amount of flags on the mast as long as it holds.

In the late afternoon I cleaned the front deck removing the old Christmas decoration, old ropes, fenders and other tools that came from the Watergeus or the Baron. It had become a bit of a storage space instead of a free deck. One cleared, I could sit on a chair and have a beer!

Tordino – Wheelhouse

27th July 2022 – I added two more hard wooden lists on the inside of the wheelhouse. Since they are glued, I can’t add any more. Once the glue is dry, I can add some more. The ship’s bell from the Watergeus is now mounted on the wheelhouse of Tordino. Something I was planning to do for a long time, but just didn’t find the time to do so…

Tordino – Sorting out photos

25th July 2022 – I have been taking pictures since I was 14 years old. The last couple of years, the amount of digital photos was growing steadily.  When I had the time to sort them out, I did it. Sadly enough, I lost the attitude of sorting out photos. Very free moment in the evening I’m trying to solve the issue of thousands of unsorted photos…