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Tordino – Archive Centre

15th March 2019 – While it is still to windy to do anything outside, I continued sorting out books and documents on the Watergeus to move to the Archive and Documentation Centre of Museumschip Tordino. I found some old documents in a box. They came from the British trawler Ross Leopard. I spent most of the evening reading the books….

Tordino – Painting

26th February 2019 – The initial plan today was to move the Arma back on her mooring. The yard wasn’t finished so I continued with the roofs of the cabins.

In between painting, I washed the whole ship. I was surprised to see how dirty the ship was after a short winter…

Tordino – Statieplank

16th February 2019 – Besides being open for an extra day, I mounted the new statieplank on top of the car crane, like it used to be the last thirty years. In the Library, we moved some furniture and in the museum, new objects were added.


Tordino – Winter (4)

24th January 2019 – I tried getting to the ship in the morning, but it was to dangerous. In the afternoon, the weather was good and I went aboard to check the engine rooms and the cabin. Temperature was fine and the heathers were still running.

Tordino – Winter (3)

23rd January 2019 – I had a look at Tordino in the morning. I got stuck with my car, a few hundred meters before getting to the ship. A local farmer helped me out. Power was still on, so I hope everything is fine.

Tordino – Winter (2)

22nd January 2019 – This morning I drove to Tordino to check the ship. It was fine. There was a commercial barge alongside. On the way to work, it started snowing.

When I got back in the evening, most snow was gone, so I had no pictures taken of my ships in the snow.

Tordino – Winter (1)

21st January 2019 – The electric heather in the bowhtruster area didn’t go on. When I arrived that morning, I put it higher. In the evening, it was still running. The hold has some condensation. I wished I had some better shore power to run a few more electric heathers.

The most important vitrines were covered to protect them.

Tordino – Managing the Library

17th December 2018 – Another evening working in the Library aboard Tordino. I’ve added around 30 magazines and 20 books  to the inventory.  The magazines were put into boxes, labeled with date and name. It is a lot of work and many more hours will follow.

Tordino – Dead batteries

16th December 2018 – I hadn’t started the engines since the beginning of September. The bowthruster and the generator started straight away. The main engine didn’t. Batteries are broken and need to be replaced. Another cost to add…