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Tordino – Cutting up a watertank and working on the new entrance

26th March 2021 – I have four watertanks in the hold. One needs to go to make space for the stairs of the new entrance. I cut the tank into several pieces to take it out. Then it was time to remove the wood around the ceiling and walls.

In the late afternoon, two friends helped lowering the frame for the stairs. Now it is up to me to get them in position.

Tordino – Cleaning and painting

23rd February 2021 – I sanded down the cabin on port side and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. The new entrance also got it first coat. It is starting to look a bit more like  an integrated entrance. I had some trouble connecting the hose for the drainage of the water. It is now attached to the pipes, but it certainly needs adjusting. The pipe is no standard size so I will have to buy a bigger hose. 

At the end of the afternoon, I went to the other side of the canal to take some more pictures. 

Tordino – Another day of work for the entrance

20th February 2021 – We started early in the morning we were stopped yesterday. With a heavy jack we managed to get the cabin in position, a tricky and dangerous operation where many things could go wrong. Having the right tools is half the job. Not being afraid the other half. 

I could not take many pictures since I was holding the tools or the cabin so it would not fall in the water. At the end of the evening we didn’t finish all the welding. Another day is necessarily to finis the job.  Before going home I cleaned most of the grinding dust from the deck. 

Tordino – Welding brackets on the davit and mounting the little boat

11th February 2021 – I welded a few extra supports to the crane. Since I was welding from a a cable of over 120 meters, I nearly had no power to weld. In the end, it is secure but not the best weld. Once I have proper shore power, I will remake it. I had the same issues with the winch. It is stitched but not properly welded.

In the afternoon, a friend came to help giving the little boat a push so it is now hanging in the crane. My initial idea to push her off the side didn’t work and there no big boats coming that would move Tordino that much the little boat would shift by itself.