4th August 2007 – One of the first sunny days with over 30°C. Lovely, to hot for working outside and don’t even think on going inside. But why complain? The buckets with water in the cargo hold lowered by at least 6 cm during the day. Why would I need another roof if it stays so hot?

Well, besides sitting outside, I continued cleaning the anchor winch. All bolts are replaced by rust free iron bolts and nuts. No matter how rusty they were, I could undo all of them (except one that I used the grainer for).

One of the new ropes in the mast got stuck next to the winch in the mast, so I can(t move that rope. Since I decided to hang out all my flags, I had to stand on a stair to get to the rope and hang my flag. Lowering the mast, as you could read in the last post of july, is not an option. So, now I have a Belgian, Dutch, Amsterdam, Bruges, Assurance company and freight company flags hanging on the boat. Flags can make look a boat nice, believe me!

Furthermore I extended my kitchen furniture, so I have some more place to put a coffee machine. I measured more in detail the cargo hold so my drawings fit nicer to reality.

In the late afternoon, for the first time I know, a narrow boat passed, so small! I had seen a few in London and once one in France, but now, it passed so closely. Nice boats, but to live in it, no way!