29th October 2007 – Today the last bits were finished of the metal work outside. It has taken a long time, but finally I can say the roof is watertight and the Watergeus looks like I want her to look.

The hatches were cut up today so they would fit around the skylight. The last chimney was placed for the heater in the living room. he air vents from an old Kempenaar were placed and adjusted so they could rest on the hatches and still look straight. Handles and a fallback security system were placed on the skylight.


This means the end of a job started last year in September 2006. Starting with building a den, ending with the roof. There was a period where no metal work was involved, where I tired to solve the leaks of the hatches, but that was just a waiste of time and money. So if you would like something done properly, don’t try to mess around with fillers etc… Do it good, do it once.