18th September 2008 – Went looking for some more decorative wood. Again a lot of money has gone into a small amount of stuff.

While making a hole for the cables through the front cabin, I heard some water running, quicker and quicker. My first thought was one of the plastic tanks below was leaking, so I continued making the hole. Since it didn’t stop and I couldn’t see any thing I went looking for a pocket light. I had stored all my stuff at the entrance of the forepeak, so I took me a few minutes to get to it. When I started looking around, I saw a lot of water coming from a rivet. When I looked closer, the water came from above the rivet, on the watertight compartment. A bit higher was an old abandoned water tank, I presumed was empty. It was leaking a lot. I took a bucket, to hold underneath it, but it quickly filled.

Since I have the ship I have always known water in the bilges, not realizing the cause. Now I did. By the end of the evening the tank was empty, and so were my bilges. I continued hovering till it was dry, filling over 30 buckets!

So again, the support for the cables isn’t finished. Tomorrow is the last day, so I have to be sure it is finished.

I also ordered my new batteries and charger. This time I’ll go for something decent.