20th April 2010 – Today some major jobs have been done. In 2006, one of the recommendations was to close the engine room from the hold. I had built a bulkhead a bit further o extend my engine room, but this has not been approved, so I still need to rebuild the original bulkhead. When I would do that, there is a space that I could no longer enter. Therefore I wanted a hatch on deck to enter this area. Important was the size since my generator will have to enter this room in the future.

Many vessels used to have a davit (crane) on the foredeck to lower and raise the anchors. A while ago I was able to buy such a crane from a neighbour. Since you need at least two people to lift and mount this heavy item, this was the perfect moment. I expected to lift the crane with two, but we had to dissemble it completely. The foot of the crane, not more then one meter high, was so heavy we could barely lift it on the anchor winch. It nearly broke my back, but after it was mounted, I was satisfied with the result.