4th September 2010 – By the end of the year I wish to have finished the inside of the back accommodation. Every time I start a job I notice something else needs to be done as well. Today was one of these days where I sanded in the back accommodation, did a part of the deck, worked in the front area and cleaned the back deck.

The current situation is: Kitchen completely removed, as well as most of the chipboard and half of the room being sanded. The bed has partly been rebuilt in the back (removed in December 2008 to make an office space).

The gang board on the canal side needs to be done for 60% I did a few meters, but there was just a little to much wind.

The front cabin is ready for painting, but I don’t find any time to do so.

In the late evening, I spent some time cleaning the bilges of the Frantsis and putting some more oil to prevent it from rusting.