17th January 2012 – Making a plan behind a desk is a common mistake. You often have to base yourself on how you think it looks like. With a tape measure in the hand, you are often surprised.

I made a few drawings for the supports of the cooling system. The electricity needs to be redone as well.

The big sheets that cover the engine room are bending a little bit since their are not enough supports to hold them. When the Hornblower was converted for yachting, they bolted a rib every meter, which is not enough. On the side of the sheets, I’m mounting a L-profile to strengthen the plates. It is another job that will take a few evenings.

Last night I made a checklist of 12 items I still need to do before her first trial in the canal. I want to make trip at the beginning of March, probably the 3rd or 10th March. Their is only one condition: everything must work reliable and the weather should be fine!