4th January 2014 – In the morning, I started cleaning some of the bilges. One square meter gave me two buckets of grease and rust. Everywhere I see a bolt, it is the moment to weld it. Saves me trouble later! I keep saying: it is a shame and a big stupidity to drill holes through her original hull and put bolts into her wooden floor from underneath!

Later that day I finished my entrance hatch and in the evening I worked on the wheelhouse, starting to make the corner where the diesel heather will come. I have to raise the heather a little bit since her exhaust doesn’t come to the hole at the back of the wheelhouse.



The heatpol heather has a long history. I bought it for the Hornblower when I was in Holland. I bought it back from the new owners of the Hornblower and installed it now aboard the Aquarel. Besides heating the room, you can also use it for cooking.