25th October 2014 – The last two months I started working on the Watergeus. It is difficult to update day-by-day, so I’m putting a small update together….

In the early days, a Luxe motor had a railing around the back accommodation. Mine was removed when she became a water supply vessel. Since I always want my ships to look as traditional as possible, a new railing was built.

While working around the back accommodation, we moved the blue sign behind the wheelhouse, as it once was. At least it looks better and I have more room between the wheelhouse and the tabernakels to walk.

In front of the wheelhouse is a terras. I want a cover over it so when it rains, I can still sit outside. It took some time, but the frame is now ready. I will order a cover next year.

I hadn’t paint the Watergeus for two to three years. Some parts were not maintained for longer. It was getting time to remove the old paint and rust. I was surprised to see how much damage rust can do in a short period.