22nd November 2014 – Getting one sheet of 3m by 1.5m in the hold through a hatch of of 1m by 1.2m is not an easy job when you have no tools and only two people to do the job. It took some time, but after half an hour the sheet was in position and ready to be welded to the bottom of the frame. The frame is used to hold the watertanks in position and the sheet will make sure the water that could leak from the tanks is captured before it gets to the bilges of the boat.

Some more bits and corners were welded today. I make the promise to myself not weld the next month and just tidy up the ship. All metal is gone from the hatches, the lifeboat was cleaned and the mast painted. With a jack, I managed to lift up the mast for 40cm. This made it easier for giving it a second coat of paint.