22nd March 2015 – My plan for the day: Putting the bath in the bathroom and finishing the walls around it. At the end of the evening, the bath was in place but no walls were build. Leveling a bath wasn’t that easy. Some parts of the bathroom were painted in white, but it still looks like a small area. I have to think on how to give it a bigger look and feel.

Covering an issue doesn’t help. It does not go away. On one of the small leaks I put a sheet of multiplex, so I wouldn’t see it anymore. Every time I looked at it, it distracted me. I had to move this sheet to continue with the second part of the bathroom and there it was again, a puddle of a greenish kind of product. When you look at it, it might be Anti-freeze or fresh oil. Another thing on my list is to clean the engine room. Maybe I discover the cause in the bilges of that area.