29th March 2016 – The afternoon started rainy. I mounted two light fittings, one in the bedroom and one in the bar. It took me over two hours to get the job done. I would never buy fittings from that brand again.

Weather was clearing up so I had a look at my leaking air vent. I couldn’t find the leak, only the damage it had caused. I decided to clean the rust from the inside and put a good layer of silicon on it. I did the same on the outside and closed the whole of the vent.

The silicon in the wheelhouse between the wood and the glass was nearly gone. I redid every window and a few gaps. I will have to find a solution of for the future. Half of the wheelhouse is being held together with silicon.

Years ago, I received a nice search light from Andy as a Christmas gift. I drilled a few holes in the roof and mounted the light. While doing so I noticed small wholes in the ceiling and some water. Since I had ran out of silicon, it will be the first job to do tomorrow.

In the corner of the wheelhouse is a small bench. It used to be full of water when I bought the ship. Last time I looked was somewhere in October last year. It was dry. hen I opened it now, it was full of water, running into the engine room and probably in the old accommodation as well. I started with a glass to remove the water. Since it was to much, I just drilled a whole in the wheelhouse to drain it. I hope with sealing the windows, I have stopped the leak. If not, I need to have closer look and therefore empty the wheelhouse.