9th May 2020 – A big disappointment today when we launched the Maxx. I was there to assist, but when the ship touched the water, it became clear the bottom is rotten. Through several leaks, water came in and we had to take her back out.
It had to be a special moment, but now it is an uncertainty. One thing is sure: it will cost some money before she can float again.

A lifeboat is built thin, I know what issues I might have with the Stern in the future, but what to do? A good advice is to abandon the ship, but after spending so much money, there is no way back then to continue.

In the afternoon, I worked on the Stern, but thinking about the Maxx. I only see two possible options:

  • Fiberglass the hull
  • double the whole engine room

I have no experience with fiberglass and doubling the engine room doesn’t guarantee there are no other leaks. So I can’t give any advice…