24th May 2020 – I had no sleep. It was cold, I was dirty and tired. The bilges were filled up again with water. I turned the water cooling open and started the engine. It was raining and windy. It took me a hell of a manoeuvre to get out of the yacht harbour. When I arrived at the lock, there were to many yachts, so I went through the Biesbosh. During the journey we had to pump several times since we were making water and fast! Near the yacht harbour, we stranded on a sandbank. We didn’t get her out, so somebody came to help us. The closer we went to the marina the undeeper the water was. In the end we followed a yacht and lowered speed.

At the marina, the tractor with deeploader was already in the water for helping us out. I was wet, it was cold and only coffee could safe me! Since the corona measurements, they could not server us any coffee.

We had to wait for transport to come from Belgium, so we removed the mussels from the hull. Around the shaft we discovered a lot of kit to keep it dry. Not professional and not honest!