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Tordino – Adding books to the library and cleaning the front

1st August 2023 – After scanning the covers and adding the books to the Library inventory system, it was now time to add the books the Library itself aboard Tordino.  Six boxes with books and archives were nicely put away on the right shelve in the Library.

While I was aboard the ship, I continued cleaning the front part. I made another run with my car filled with stuff.


Tordino – Cleaning the front

29th July 2023 – I bought plywood for the front of the ship. I’m storing it in the workshop until the end of the tourist season.

I removed some shelves and some personal stuff from the Watergeus. I’m slowly getting there. Emptying 15m2 is obviously not so easy…. Behind every pile of stuff, there is some more stuff coming up. Now I found some chain. Will be useful for the anchor of my little boat. So you see, never throw anything away. Is always useful.

In the afternoon, I mounted the shelves in the workshop. They will be used for spare parts of the Volvo Engine and other tools from Tordino.


Tordino – Emptying the front part II

23rd July 2023 – In the afternoon I removed some more stuff like spare computers and tools. I slightly see some space becoming empty.

In the Library, I added another set of shelves for my books. I had one left at home, so I installed it. It gives me some more expansion space to add books before I start the conversion in September.

I added a rack in the office space to put the stuff that is now stored in boxes. One day, I will be organized…

In the evening I continued scanning, around 125 book covers are scanned so far.


Tordino – Emptying the front

22nd July 2023 – Another conversion of Tordino is being prepared. The front of the ship is a workshop and storage space. It will become an extension of the library. Therefore it needs to be empty first… I filled my care and barely noticed something was gone…

Tordino – Driving to Enkhuizen

20th July 2023 – We had the chance to get over 400 books for our library. My car was over it’s maximum capacity, but we made it safely back home. All book covers will now be scanned before the books are available in our Library.