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Spuikom-1 – Painting and repairing

15th July 2023 – At lunchtime I started making a quick makeover of the old boat stored in a warehouse near Tordino. I quickly sanded down the wood, cleaned the hull and repainted the boat.  There was some damage to the bow as well. This I tried sorting out with epoxy, my first repair ever with this product.

Vlet Djoey – Getting back from the yard

14th July 2023 – We sailed back from the yard. It had been a long time since I last sailed through the harbour of Ostend. It was a good and friendly service. In no time we passed two locks and two bridges had to open for us. Maybe something to do with the Stern somewhere in September…

Vlet Djoey – Towing by hand

5th July 2023 – The ship is still moored in front of the lock, but the tug can’t make it to the location she is at the moment. The only solution was to tow her by hand through a lock and two bridges to get her back on her mooring.  A good coordination and five people made the job very easy!