The Escapade was a project, where I wanted to restore her to original condition. In April 2011 I had the chance of buying another ship. Since it was to hard to maintain three ships, I decided to sell the one with the most of work that had to be done. It became the Escapade. I owned her for a short period, did a lot of small jobs to keep her dry, but most important: I had a lot of fun!

The new owners sandblasted the ship in August 2011 and came to the same conclusion. She couldn’t be saved. She was scrapped in December 2011.


  • November 2010: Buying the Escapade
  • December 2010: The trip to Bruges


  • January 2011: Cleaning
  • February 2011: Removing the interior
  • March 2011: Trying to maker her leak-free (closing the holes on deck)
  • April 2011: Paperwork
  • May 2011: Sold and taken out of the water