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Hornblower – Toilet pipe

23rd July 2011 – I didn’t sleep to well, thinking on how to solve the trouble. The toilet was removed, as everything else. I decided to do it properly, so everything had to go! The toilet pipe was leaking, at least the plastic bit. It is now sealed and welded. Gives me a much safer feeling! One hole less in the boat.

We started breaking out the windows, cutting the metal to the right shape and that was it for today. After we removed the windows, the metal around it was looking bad. It was thin. Last weekend I posted in my blog some pictures of the leaking windows, well the result can be seen now.

I had another look and when the whole area was cleaned, it didn’t look to bad. There is nothing that can’t be repaired.

Hornblower – Wood

22nd July 2011 – My car was filled up with wood. Maybe I should have bought a little van instead of an Opel Corsa. I unloaded the wood, painted it with an alternative of carbolineum and loaded them aboard the Hornblower. It took me two hours, but it had to be done first. If you don’t do it straight away, you just start using the wood without treatment.

Since I want to clean the bilges, I started removing the wooden floor in the bathroom. I discovered a lot of trouble, maybe a little bit to many! Water around the toilet, water near the shaft, a rotten plate a bit further and damaged concrete…

This is the moment where you start doubting on the boat, the project and yourself.

Hornblower – Bathroom

16th July 201 – In the morning I got some more sheets of wood from my neighbour. I cut them on the right size so they could enter the boat.

In the afternoon and evening I broke down the bathroom. I was disappointed I could not lower the floor. Shaft and exhaust of the engine are running underneath the floor. I felt through the wooden floor on four locations. I’ll replace it next weekend with a descent construction!

The price for aluminum windows (like the RAFA windows) are expensive. Rubbers around glass is much cheaper, but I have seen them go wrong on several ships. I needed a few buckets on the Escapde and now I need a few on the Hornblower.


Hornblower – Wood work

10th July 2011 – Instead of breaking everything down, I started building the two important walls. One to divide wheelhouse from living room and the other one to separate sleeping room from living room. It looks simple but at the end of they day, I built half a wall and the frame for a second one!

I cut out the floor where the wall is standing. This means I can always access my bilges without breaking down a wall. While removing the floor I discovered the bilges where still dry. This means the windows are not leaking!

Hornblower – Fusebox

6th July 2011 – While aboard the Watergeus, I started looking for some basic electricity stuff and made a little panel with sockets and fusebox. It is to be mounted in the engine room on the bulkhead.

During the day I made some plans of the engine room. Once they are digital, I publish them here.

Hornblower – Bollards, front hatch, engine room and mast

2nd July 2011 – My parents came to help. I asked them if they could help me remove the floor in the engine room. Since the bulkhead is there, I need to lift everything through a hatch. By noon the engine room was clear and ready to be cleaned.


In the afternoon I treated the mast with line oil and stabilized it with steel cable.


The bollards on the side, near the wheelhouse are finished. We now started working on the front hatch, adding some portholes and re welding it.

Before leaving Sluiskil, I took some pictures from the other side of the dock.

Hornblower – Wood

20th June 2011 – In the early morning I started cutting up sheets of multiplex wood at my neighbours. Once they had the size to fit my ship, we moved the Hornblower alongside by rope.

Hornblower – Bulkhead

16th June 2011 – After making a phone call, I heard the bulkhead was finished. I can’t wait to see the progress. This means I can now start doing the final cleanup in the front, put grease on and start doing some proper woodwork.

Hornblower – Needs a proper sleep

14th June 2011 – The third day aboard was getting hard. Even you sleep well, it is not the same as at home. There is some comfort like a bed, toilet and shore power. At the other hand it is cold or to warm, a bed smell and a lot of shaking around in an unstable boat.

During the day we welded some more ribs in the boat to have a solid and straight construction. I grained the rib for the bulkhead of the engine room and cleaned some more bilges.

By the end of the day the windows were mounted permanent and glued as well. 

As a finishing touch, the new mast was welded on the wheelhouse!