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Tordino – Scanning

31st October 2022 – Slowly getting stronger again, I made some time for scanning photos and documents.  At the moment I’m scanning over 300 photos from the  spits barge Sebastien, now moored in Mechelen as a houseboat.

Tordino – Scanning

27th September 2022 – I did some scanning yesterday and continued today.  After moving the library units, I didn’t want to put back the unscanned magazines, so all I can do now is scanning and scanning… Since it is raining, there are no other jobs to do anyway.

Tordino – Cleaning and rebuilding the library and its exposition

25th September 2022 – I put the remaining cupboards of the Library of the Watergeus in the library of Tordino. It gives an extra storage addition for new books. While rebuilding some parts of the library, I now also have much more space to add new items on Houten walen to the running exhibition.

In the afternoon, we cleaned some of the presentation boxes. Slightly preparing for the next summer!

Tordino – Small jobs

23rd September 2022 – I found some time to do a few small jobs aboard Tordino. Two broken computer boxes were replaced, the library is cleaner again and a few lights were added or replaced. I made some space for new cupboards and that’s it for now…