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Tordino – A marathon scan 2

7th January 2023 – The whole day was spent behind a scanner and laptop. I don’t put an amount or a period when the whole Library will be in the Inventory system.  I can just continue and hope to finish soon.  If I see how much more work I have , just to do the content. When I walk around the ship, I notice there is a lot of paintwork that needs doing and a yard visit next year… I’m very glad I only have Tordino left.  Maybe I’m just becoming old 😉

Tordino – A marathon scan

6th January 2023 – The idea is to scan as many magazine covers as possible this weekend. It is my last free weekend, but today was no success. I added around 40 postcards to the inventory and scanned only 20 covers.  I hope the remaining bit of the weekend will be more of a success.

Tordino – Scanning

3rd January 2023 – I want to have finsihed scanning the collection of postcards, but there is no end to it. Next week, I’m starting a big project again and I want this to be done. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon scanning and now in the evening I want to continue. A productive day is around 70 cards. I have over 2000 cards left…


Tordino – Scanning in the library

23rd December 2022 – A lot of rain and wind, a perfect day for working aboard. I’m nearly getting there.  I was way behind planning for scanning. I received a lot of stuff the last couple of months and now it is nearly all in place and in the inventory.

Tordino – Scanning….

19th December 2022 – The first job today was to check if there was any damage in the engine rooms of the ship. It has been freezing a whole week and some days temperatures stayed below 0°C. Luckily no damage was noticed. 

In the afternoon I continued scanning books and postcards for the inventory.

Tordino – A visit of some old skippers

18th December 2022 – I had a visit of some old skippers. Sadly it was really cold, around 2°C in the hold. They didn’t stay long, but I received some nice books for the library!

Starting from tomorrow, temperatures will be again above freezing point, so it should be better!