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Tordino – Unloading insulation and tools – Car crane – Scanning

26th August 2023 – I unloaded the insulation and some tools. I don’t have to much space to work, so I will only bring what I need at the time I need it.

Sanding down the car crane. The crane is aboard since the 90’s. By removing the paint, I could find back the white colour and the several types of yellow before I put a coat of red primer onto it a couple of years ago. Now it was dark brown, but we are bringing it back to bare metal so I can put 2component paint on it.

Sadly enough the weather was unreliable and we had to stop early.

The rest of the day was spent guiding visitors and scanning photos.

Tordino – Cleaning

19th August 2023 – My mother cleaned starboard side of the ship, while I started cleaning port side with a high pressure machine. Most paint is in a bad condition. I tried unsuccessfully removing most of the flaky paint, but there is still  a lot that will need sanding.

In the afternoon I mounted new flags in the mast and raised the front mast of the ship. I also secured the shore power connector that came loose yesterday.


Tordino – Emptying the front tabernakels

15th August 2023 – Since we will make a new entrance at the front of the ship, the tabernakels need to be empty. As I remembered they were supposed to be empty. Sadly enough not… I forgot to take picture when they were still filled, but now they are empty, or at least nearly…

Besides emptying them, I also secured one the electricity cables that came loose at the side of the ship.

Tordino – Making a small list of things to do

15th August 2023 – While I’m making plans for the Stern, There is also a lot of work that needs to be done aboard Tordino:

  • Repainting the entrance white
  • removing the old tar and paint on port side
  • repainting port side
  • patching up the decks where the paint came loose
  • removing the flaky paint at the bow
  • repainting the bow
  • repainting the white part between the rudders
  • removing the paint from the car crane
  • repainting the deck in green
  • patching up the back accommodation where some rust is coming through
  • replacing the living batteries of Tordino
  • adding battery keys to disconnect them
  • ….

So I’m glad I no longer have the Watergeus. Making a list for that ship would also be extremely long. Realizing there are only 24 hours in a day…

Tordino – New flag, front is empty and scanning

13th August 2023 –  The last bits were moved out of the ship today. Boxes with anchor chains, old stairs, clamps, winches, etc… Now the whole area up and down is empty and ready to be converted into a study room for the Library.

In the afternoon, most time was spent on scanning old documents and some photos of the Antwerp Port.

Tordino – Emptying the front and scanning

12th August 2023 – In the morning, I started emptying the remaining bits and pieces at the front of the ship. Once the van was filled, I noticed I will need to drive a second time. So much stuff collected in al these years….

In the afternoon, I continued scanning books, magazines and nautical maps for the Library, in between some visits from people who wanted to see the ship. A day well spent!

Tordino – Making more space

5th August 2023 – At the back of the ship, there is a small space with the water tanks. It was filled with spare parts of the engine and some tools. I wasn’t aware of what I had stored there. It was all put there when I just bought the ship, but I never go into that space. Now it is empty! I will put the useful stuff in my warehouse. I will throw away the other stuff.

Now I need to clean this space and then I will fill it with spare parts for the museum.