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Stern – Welding a pipe around the roof

26th May 2020 – A pipe was welded around the roof of the cabin. This is a common practice to finish a roof so water doesn’t run off everywhere and it is less sharp when walking around. I started at luchtime and was nearly finished in the evening. It had been a long time since I welded for so many hours.

I also mounted the mastfoot and mast. It needs adjusting, but at least, I’m happy with a visual adjustment.

Late in the evening, I cut the wooden roof in smaller pieces for my neighbour. He will burn it.

Stern – New roof for the cabin

25th May 2020 – I got up early in the morning for removing the old rotten roof. It was rotten, but still very well attached to the ship. A friend came to help me and after two hours the roof was gone. The upper structure is fairly rotten at some places, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

When removing the layers of wood, we discovered how nicely the Stern used to be. A wooden roof in hardwood with rubber seals. It must have been a great yacht.

We removed some old ribs and badly rusty parts before lowering the new sheets on the frame. I knew it just ordered enough metal, but we had to alter the position of the plates to make it. The frame for the skylight, I made earlier last month, fitted well. Happy with the result, but still a lot needs to be done!

Vlet – From Nijmegen to…

22nd May 2020 – We bought some proper ropes and oil in Nijmegen before leaving the historical harbour.  While walking to the shop, I managed to take some pictures of the historical barges.

It was windy and after two hours, water was coming from over the bow onto the back deck. It was becoming that dangerous I decided to enter a marina. We stopped in Woudrichem where I changed clothes and had a meal. I noticed water in the bilges near the bedroom. Not much and some water came in because of the waves, or at least that is what I first believed.

The owner convinced me a few hours later to continue the journey. Three minutes later I was soaked in water and we decided to enter the first possible marine. This was behind the lock in Werkendam. A nice marina. Once moored, I removed the carpet discovering several hatches. Bilges were badly filled up with water. Not a good sign.

In the evening, we left home. Nothing could be done, maybe we continue tomorrow, if not next weekend. It was a bit a disappointment we had to stop that way. 

Vlet – Leaving Almelo

21st May 2020 – The owner came with a gas bottle at six o’clock as promised. We left one hour later and moved nicely towards the first locks. Since I didn’t know the lock or how it works, I made it slowly in the lock. The two yachts in front of me moored at the middle of the lock, I at the back. I had to move from the lock master and changed side, a manoeuvre I should not have done. After some hassle I was secured, stern first…

No damage done, we continued our journey over the IJssel, against tide, to the Waal, with tide. As planned, we made it to Nijmegen. Sadly enough, it was dark and I had no idea where to stay for the night. I made it into a small dock but I was not allowed to stay there. We moved to the historical harbour, I had no good feeling we would make it against the tide. We did, but it took us 20 minutes. We moored alongside a historical clipper, had a few drinks and went into town for food.

Tordino – Small jobs

20th May  2020 – While I had to pickup several items for the journey with the vlet, I did some smaller jobs in the museum.

I checked the engine and noticed when I opened the lid of the water expansion unit, water came out. I drained some five litres and will keep an eye to it before starting it somewhere next week. I had no time to run the engine.

Vlet – Preparing the journey

19th May 2020 – It took me two hours to make the preparations for the journey. I followed Google Maps and made notes for the journey. Let’s hope I didn’t forget anything. The next thing is find my tools, generator, vhf, etc… Looking forward to have a journey tomorrow.

Stern – Moving the sheets of metal

18th May 2020 – I drove the metal sheets to Beernem. Not an easy job since they were to big to fit properly in the van. They are now on my hatches of Tordino, ready to be welded Thursday. Once the roof is done, I’m safe for the winter!

Visiting a barge for a friend

17th May 2020 – I drove to Ghent to visit a barge of a friend for a friend. A nice combination and I hope she will buy it. It is a fair price for a good houseboat.

The interior is slightly outdated, but that is just where the barge is giving it charms. The outside is very well maintained and you can live in it for the next coupe of years without having to do major upgrades.


It had been a while since I was in that part of Ghent so I took some pictures of the boats in the area.

Vlet – Planning

8th May 2020 – We had a meeting in Oudenburg to check our list of supplies needed for the journey and to talk about the route for getting from Almelo to Ghent. Going any further is not an option since the locks are still closed in Belgium for pleasure crafts.

It looks like we are about the be well prepared.

Stern – Painting the hull

16th May 2020 – I painted the portside of the hull with a small dinghy. It wasnt’ a success when I started. When launching the boat, it made water, and it never stopped. So I had to pump it very five minutes. I only managed to do halve of the ship since to many boats were passing by and I was making to much water. When taking some pictures, I dropped my safety line and had to paddle with my hands to make it back to my boat. I wonder if there was more paint on my ship or my body….

The hull itself is looking shiny and it does make a difference.

I noticed the belting was indeed rotten and gone on several places. Previous repairs of silicon were found underneath the paint.  It is above the waterline, so nothing to have sleepless nights about, but it means a lot of work in the future.