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Stern – Several small jobs

28th August 2021 – I started  by giving the floor in the living room a second coat of varnish. Then I removed the gas bottle from the engine room. A job I tried doing several times in the past but the bottle is stuck somewhere. Now I succeeded but my back is hurting!

A box with old ships decoration arrived. I can’t wait to hang it out, so it even looks more traditional inside. 

Tordino – Ship models

27th August 2021 – I received a large number of ship models from sailing and navy ships. They are not suited for the museum since it has no relation to inland vessels. I can’t keep them in open air and ordering a glass cover for each of them is to expensive and not realistic.  I started rebuilding my living room, not sure yet where to put the other ones….

Baron – Sandblasting

26th August 2021 – The owners are making good progress. The ship is being sandblasted at the moment and the through shape of the hull is starting to become visible again. There are a few minor issues, but nothing that can’t be deal with. 

Stern – A small trip but to windy

22nd August 2021 – I made a small trip but had to return. It was to windy. At full speed, she can handle the wind, but if I’m just cruising, it is not the most stable boat to hold a course.

In the evening I mounted two more light fittings and I started sanding some wood for the floor.


Stern – Outside table support

19th August 2021 – I tried making a support for an outside table that can be switched to a bracket for supporting the mast when it is lowered. I was happy, painted the welded metal and then realized after a walk, I made a mistake. When the metal support is mounted to the table, I can’t put the table anywhere.  The metal pipe that needs to welded on deck of the ship looks more like a chimney then a support. Stuff to think about.

Stern – Table and details

18th August 2021 – I wasn’t feeling great, maybe a little to much stress to finish the Stern, while it is actually a hobby boat, I don’t know…

Anyway, I built a table, did some small additions on the inside and continued with the sanding of the door. I will give it up at some point. the varnish is so hard…



Stern – Planning and sanding down the bedroom door

16th August 2021 – In between the rain I continued sanding down the living-bedroom door. When it was raining, I started making a planning. I have no storage in Oudenburg and I need to drive around with my tools to gain some space…

I ordered the lights for the bedroom and living room.  I also bought a fridge so I can start building a table in the living room. The table will be built around the fridge. This means, only two people can sit on the table, but  at least I can have a big enough fridge.  On the other hand, the living room is not that big anyway.

The last item I bought was a VHF. I now use a portable one, but I always take it with me. So I need a fixed one. This one will stay aboard.