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Stern – A journey on the canal…

15th August 2021 – What started as a boring day sanding down a door, ended in a great moment of pleasure where I just decided to start the engine of the Stern, undo the ropes and started sailing. I picked up a neighbour underway and we made a trip to Stalhille and back to Plassendale. 

Stern – Namesign

14th August 2021 – While Tordino was open, I mounted the namesign on the Stern and fitted the door at the back of the wheelhouse. That last one will need some adjustment.

Stern – Welding aboard and cleaning

13rd August 2021 – A lovely day and I had to catch up with yesterday… I finished welding the frame for the hatch, made a kind of a hole so I have access to the battery. The winch is welded on deck and the anchor is safely attached to 8 meters of cable. Lifting the anchor will take some time, but I have no intention to use it in the near future.

I removed some of the rust and gave it a first coat of primer and finish. I patched up some paintwork in the bedroom and the day was gone….

Stern – Tiles, sanding and varnish

10th August 2021 – My holiday (three days) has started. Last working day until Monday.  A beer with the friends of the Baron, sanding down the last bit of the skylight, putting a coat of varnish on the sanded doors and steps. The evening was quickly filled. I also glued new tiles on the wall and did the surface of the kitchen.


Stern – Oiling the steps

7th August 2021 –  After rowing for two hours, walking back to the car and coming home, I started sanding the steps a little more. I put a good coat of oil on them and ten minutes later it started raining…

Stern – Journey to Oudenburg

4th August 2021 – When moving the Stern, so many people looked at me. Some of them were seriously interested, others were looking at the ship like it was a wreck…. What people don’t know is that I’m proud of owning this ship. Many people want to own a ship or dream of one. I just did it. Tough or sad, I don’t care. I made it safely to Oudenburg with the white lifeboat alongside. Now it is time to continue working on the Stern to finish her.  Earlier this month I was still planning on selling her, now I know more then ever I will use her for cruising on our canals in the evening. 

Later that evening, I continued sanding down the new door for the back and had a great evening with one of the neighbours.


Stern – Numbers and name

14th July 2021 – It is already halfway summer and the weather hasn’t given me any moment to paint. I wanted to wait to put the name and numbers on the Stern until it was fully painted.  I don’t want to get a fine when I’m moving the ship next time, so I put some temporary labels on it. At least, if there is a check on the ship, they can now trace it…

Stern – Heading back to Bruges

14th June 2021 – The biggest mistake I made was moving the Stern alongside Tordino. I just can’t have a safe access to the ship. A ship is made for cruising around, so I turned back to Bruges. It took us less then two hours to get back. I was lucky to pass under the last bridge. After me, it was over.  The bridge got stuck for a few hours…

The more I move around with the Stern the more I get use to her movements and how she handles the water. The only mistake I made is having no bollards near the wheelhouse to put a rope. I have to go to the back deck and this can, depending on certain locks become an issue.

Stern – First journey to Oudenburg

30th May 2021 – I made a first journey with the Stern as she is converted now. It was a challenge to me since I barely move my own ships, unless it is for a yard visit. I prefer converting boats instead of sailing them. I was in doubt whether I should keep the Stern or not. If the journey went fine, I would keep it as my own yacht. Since I made this promise to myself, I need to keep it.

So I will continue with the Stern. But how was the Journey? Well…

I left Bruges at 7:47 after I forgot to disconnect the shore power. The bridge was open since they were replacing some parts of the internal lifting system.  I was not sure about the height of the bridge so I lowered my mast. I’m glad I did since the bridge was not totally open.

The rest of the journey went fine, I arrived at 9:30 o’clock at Tordino. She is not very stable to navigate and from the moment you don’t pay attention, she goes her own way. I don’t thing she will handle bad weather nicely…