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Stern – I just bought the ship

30th December 2019 – I just bought another ship. I have been looking twice at the ship and I don’t know why I just bought. It had a good running engine and that’s about the only positive element.  Maybe the price? Or just the idea to have something to do in the future? I don’t know…

Stern – Second visit

29th December 2019 – I called the owner and said I wanted to see the inside of the ship. He started the engine and it was running. Great to convince desperate people, but we had no idea where to look first. The bottom has so many pipes and fittings sticking out. It is like a ticking time bomb.  The size is good, I can stand up in the hold, but there is not much space left.  A project to do? I don’t know…

Stern – First visit

25th December 2019 – Recently, an acquaintance contacted me about a yacht in Ghent. His son has passed away and the ship needs to go. It was a 8.5 meters motor yacht with work on the outside and inside.  I went to Ghent and had a look. The boat isn’t looking that great at all. After ten minutes, I drove to some friends and forgot about it.