Tordino – Scanning, mounting paintings and working in the server room

17th April 2022 – While the museum is open, in between visits, I was working in the server room, Library and hold.  I temporary stored several magazines where I’ve put my servers. Now I’m scanning the covers and putting them back in the Library.

I added some more labels and some paintings in the hold. Some of the more unique pieces from the Watergeus are now in the hold of Tordino. I’m removing more and more non inland waterways stuff, replacing it with more important content.

Tordino – Work in the library

9th April 2022 – I started in the Library removing the old exhibition that lasted for nearly four years. Now it is time for a new one, one about the old wooden barges. I mounted two nu cupboards from Ikea and started building the new expo. 

Tordino – Building a server room in the old workshop

5th April 2022 – When In started converting Tordino, I had a small workshop at the end of the ship. On top of the workshop were two watertanks. The idea then was to have a bar at the end of the ship and therefore I needed water. The bar became a library, the watert tanks were removed for storage and now the workshop is being turned into a server room.

Tordino – Securing the masts and scanning

4th April 2022 – I have eight little masts on the gangway. There are mounted with plastic straps. Every storm I lose a few of these masts. Neighbours, friends or colleagues find them back in the water and drop them off aboard. I now mounted metal straps. Let’s see if it holds now…

In the evening I continued scanning books.



Tordino – Scanning books

2nd April 2022 – Another day of scanning books. My idea was to keep the library closed when I open the museum in a few weeks, but people like to see the models stored in the library. I will try to sort out the books I received last year and in January. I will need to do a lot of scanning and sorting out…



Watergeus – Moving the last server

28th March 2022 – The last of my servers, the one with all the pictures I’ve taken since the beginning of my boat passion was moved today. Since it still has traditional hard drives, it had to be moved carefully. It is now up and running aboard Tordino. For the people who think I’m old fashioned, I do have a backup in the cloud.