Stern – Mounting a porthole

19th October 2020 – Just mounted a porthole, did some cleaning and started sorting out my tools. It is a very small boat, next Saturday my other windows will be delivered and I have no access to the frames at the moment.  I really hope everything will be sealed before the winter starts. 

One thing is for sure, working with windows in the wheelhouse is much nicer. You don’t live in a black box, you see what is happening outside. It is motivating me more to work in the evening again on this project.

Stern – Small jobs

18th October 2020 – I started early in the morning cleaning the wheelhouse. Cutting with a saw in metal makes more dus then expected. It became sticky because of the cutting oil as well. 

In the afternoon, I fixed an issue with one one window. Two more to go.  The supports for the VHF antennas were mounted, so was the horn. It is starting to look like a real ship!

Tordino – New skylight

18th September 2020 – Last week I received a big skylight. It will serve on Tordino to replace the 70’s looking plastic skylight. A traditional wooden one is looking much better and since Tordino is now recognised as a historical ship in Flanders as well, I want to let it look good.

Like with all things you get for free, there is a lot of work that needs doing. 

Stern – Mounting the first window

15th October 2020 – I went shopping early in the morning, getting the right blades and some metal to make some ribs for the wheelhouse. In the evening, I cut the remaining bit for the window.

It looks so much different now. Having proper light coming in from two sides now. Two more to go.


Tordino – Extending the Library

9Th October 2020 – The amount of books in the Library is growing. Every year I add some more bookshelves for the Library but their is no more space. I already removed the workshop behind the library and added cupboards. Now I added some more in the Library space itself, making it even more harder for people to sit. Not a good idea during the covid-19 period, but I have no other options. 

In the afternoon the furniture was mounted while my mother continued cleaning and restoring the old models we received two months ago.

Tordino – Scanning books and magazines

4th October 2020 – Such a sad weather, I was aboard Tordino scanning the covers of books and magazines. When I had some time left, I took pictures of the objects. In the late afternoon, I cleaned my living space, started the engines and did a checkup of the ship. 

Tordino – New Items from Groningen

2nd October 2020 – The Scheepvaartmuseum in Groningen is changing courses and they are removing some items from their collection. I had the chance to pick up some items in Leeuwarden.  On the way back I had some issues with the car, which made me choose to drive straight home instead of taking pictures in the villages around Leeuwarden.


Stern – Small leaks

27th September 2020 – I don’t know what to do at the moment. Still a leak in the corner of the living room and the wheelhouse. A bit further was also water and I noticed some humidity. To much to handle right now. In the afternoon I added some silicone in the corner. I hope it will stay dry. I wonder if turn my ship around, would the other side also be leaking? I will stop working for now on her, no more insulation and wood. If it stays dry for a longer period, I shall continue.