16th July 2008 – Perfectly on time, the man arrived with the cupboard. I was an hour earlier to prepare stuff I might had forgotten. My father and I opened the skylight and fixed everything since there was some kind of wind.

In the meantime I was at my neighbours who had no power on her ship after her television went out. Her forepeak was filled with 5 cm of water. After some research, she discovered a no longer connected hose was the cause. One end was attached to the tank, while the other side was open. When the tank was filled, water started running out this small piece of hose. Remarkable how this small hose could cause such a disaster. Blankets, hatch cover, thins of paint, everything was in the water. Fortunately she was having a metal buiting, so the water remained in position an did not make it’s way through the bilges.

With four men we put the cupboard in two pieces, in the hold. We put back the hatches and went looking at the power supply of the neighbour’s ship. It was a busy evening, but a lot had been done!