22nd May 2020 – We bought some proper ropes and oil in Nijmegen before leaving the historical harbour.  While walking to the shop, I managed to take some pictures of the historical barges.

It was windy and after two hours, water was coming from over the bow onto the back deck. It was becoming that dangerous I decided to enter a marina. We stopped in Woudrichem where I changed clothes and had a meal. I noticed water in the bilges near the bedroom. Not much and some water came in because of the waves, or at least that is what I first believed.

The owner convinced me a few hours later to continue the journey. Three minutes later I was soaked in water and we decided to enter the first possible marine. This was behind the lock in Werkendam. A nice marina. Once moored, I removed the carpet discovering several hatches. Bilges were badly filled up with water. Not a good sign.

In the evening, we left home. Nothing could be done, maybe we continue tomorrow, if not next weekend. It was a bit a disappointment we had to stop that way.