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Tordino – Building the first cabinet for the museum

25th February 2018 – Another cold day! Between the two supports that hold the roof, there was some space I wanted to use to publish the history of Tordino. I wanted to make a solid wall to give some more strength. While building this wall, I changed the design. It is now a half open cabinet for ship models and pictures or objects.

Tordino – Broken inverter – no heating

23rd February 2018 – When arriving on Tordino, Batteries were flat and the inverter was broken. I managed quickly to charge they batteries, but had to ask my neighbour the help me out with the heater. Thankfully it worked, otherwise I would have got some frost damage to pipes or engine!

Tordino – Back wall and painting

17th February 2018 – The wall is finished with t&g, so is the last wall. Now I only need to do one side of the wall near the wheelhouse and I’m finished with t&g! Looking forward to that moment.

My mother helped me out painting the ceiling in the old accommodation and a few walls in the hold. At least, there is now a coat of primer to protect the wood.

Tordino – Ceiling and painting

16th February 2018 – I finished the ceiling today, at least one length. The other side will be for later. I still need to build the frame to hold it. Therefore the wall needs to be finished with t&g first.
The result is a good looking roof and I’m satisfied. A lot of energy and planning went into the concept, but it feels good. You keep the lines of the hold and the height.

Tordino – Scanning

15th February 2018 – Besides using my time in converting a ship into a museum, I also need to look for content. This evening, I continued scanning old postcards for the Picture Library on the site.



Tordino – Wood delivery

10th February 2018 –  A beautiful day. The bowtruster started after, I had an issue with the starter motor last week. It is a dry day, just what I needed.

23 wooden beams of 6.10 meters long were delivered. They will become the ceiling of the hold. It took us some time to get them aboard.

Tordino – Getting a skylight

9th February 2018 – The old cabin wouldn’t look right if there was no skylight. I found one near Maaseik. It is some distance to drive to pick it up, but it was the right one. A round skylight is older and would fit better with the interior.

Tordino – Wooden beam

3rd February 2018 – Probably one of the most dangerous parts of the conversion was lifting one of the wooden beams 3.6m heigh and secure it.

This beam will be used to hold the ceiling. With the two of us we managed to get it in position. Once secured, it gave the right impression on the height of the ceiling. Now I just need to order the wood and I can start building the roof.

Tordino – Building the kitchen and bedroom

2nd February 2018 – I’m still working on the old accommodation. There will be a bedroom and kitchen. I spent most of the day finishing the kitchen. I’m glad it doesn’t have to be a functional kitchen.

We did some painting in the afternoon. Knowing how many square meters that will be painted in the next couple of weeks….

Tordino – t&g

27th January 2018 – The roof of the old cabin will be done in pine wood, painted creme white. The same will be used fot he back wall of the sleeping room and kitchen.  I had 20 packages of t&g left, they all went up in that one ceiling.

Ceiling in t&g, following the curve of the panels


Building a lightweight frame to hold the ceiling


Ceiling in t&g, following the curve of the panels


The hold, as it looks at the end of the day