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Tordino – Moving the old cabin from Bruges – Part 2

14th December 2017 – The second part of the old cabin were smaller pieces like shelves and doors. I unloaded them in the evening, and finsished with some frame building. It is nice to work in a clean environment whee everything is painted, no grease, dirt or rubbish around you. I was surprised to see how much progress you can make in one evening.

Tordino – Moving the old cabin from Bruges – Part 1

12th December 2017  – Moving the old cabin to Tordino wasn’t as easy as planned. Both ships were covered with a layer of ice. It was dangerous, but there was no other day I could do it.

Two friends helped me out. It took us some time to unload the panels. They had to be moved carefully. Nearly a hundred years old, they are going to be reassembled in the near future.

Tordino- Last day open!

9th December 2017 – I made the exhibition hold ready for winter by covering the panels and objects.

In the afternoon, I started building the wooden frame for one of the walls. It took me a lot of time to get my stuff and tools. I put them away in September for Open Monumentendag and hadn’t use them ever since.

Tordino – Building a desk in the Library room

13th October 2017 – The Library room needs a desk where people can ask for information or request books and documents from our archive. It needs to divide the storage of books and the area where people can read books.

I spent some time building the desk. It isn’t finished, but you get the idea.

Tordino – More Museum stuff

27th August 2017 – Like I already mentioned earlier, besides working on the ship, I also need to take care of the content for the exhibition. I bought a few old photo albums in Sas van Gent, not far from where I’ve lived on the Watergeus. The seller also had the letters DOUANE from the customs office in Zelzate. They will look good aboard Tordino.

Tordino – Decorating the hold

22nd August 2017 – I was surprised to see what I’ve done in four hours of work. Not much. I’m hanging the old tools on wooden panels. It takes much more time then expected. Just hope to be ready on time for the 10th September 2017. Also realized I have to build a work bench to show some of my tools.