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Aquarel – Emptying the hold

18th November 2014 – Cleaning the hold is always a major issue with me. Somewhere next week we have to lower a big sheet of metal through the new hatch. Seems easy, but my wood supply lies underneath that hatch and my tools are located where I should put that sheet…

I have to much stuff in the hold…

Aquarel – Some more ceiling

13th November 2014 – It is not good when you start abandoning your boat conversion for other things. Then again, I now realize more then before there is more then just working on a boat. Anyway, it was time to do something. Another few square meters of ceiling are finished. It is an intensive and annoying job. Insulation, multiplex and t&g, and from every layer, some dust gets into your eyes.

Aquarel – Green mast

8th November 2014 – Half a day, that is what I can spend on the boat this weekend…. I did some ceiling and painted the mast green. It was the only visible piece of metal that was looking rusty. At least, it now looks more acceptable to the public and the metal is protected. I will continue on the mast somewhere next year, once the inside of the ship is finished.

Aquarel – Ceiling

3rd November 2014 – Every minute I can work on the Aquarel, I’ll try to do so. The ceiling is a major work. I have to do it alone and the sheets of multiplex are heavy. I already cut them in half, but even then, it is struggling to hold them while I add a few screws….

Aquarel – Entrance hatch

1st November 2014 – Nearly ready for my winter stop. It has been enough for this year. I must admit I haven’t done as much as planned since August. Nevertheless I’m happy with what has been done.

Same mistake as on the Watergeus, I have no big entrance left to the hold for big stuff or artwork. So I needed a hatch for lowering stuff to the hold. The hatch can’t be that high since my aluminum hatches must cover it. I want to look like a traditional ship and nothing is going to change this.

It took all day to build the hatch and mount it. I haven’t tried it yet since it was dark when I stopped working.

Website update

26th October 2014 – I’m updating the site again, adding more text and pictures. At the other hand, it is very busy on the Aquarel? I made myself a deadline for the ceiling to be finished before the end of November. I’m in no hurry with this project, but it starts to take to much time….

Watergeus – Update of the last two months

25th October 2014 – The last two months I started working on the Watergeus. It is difficult to update day-by-day, so I’m putting a small update together….

In the early days, a Luxe motor had a railing around the back accommodation. Mine was removed when she became a water supply vessel. Since I always want my ships to look as traditional as possible, a new railing was built.

While working around the back accommodation, we moved the blue sign behind the wheelhouse, as it once was. At least it looks better and I have more room between the wheelhouse and the tabernakels to walk.

In front of the wheelhouse is a terras. I want a cover over it so when it rains, I can still sit outside. It took some time, but the frame is now ready. I will order a cover next year.

I hadn’t paint the Watergeus for two to three years. Some parts were not maintained for longer. It was getting time to remove the old paint and rust. I was surprised to see how much damage rust can do in a short period.

Shipyard closed!

24th October 2014 – It is all in the press at the moment. The yard in Rupelmonde has closed. They went bankrupt. It was one of the last good yards where you could dry dock your boat in Belgium. I was there a few days ago to take some pictures and now it’s over…

No updates…

21st October 2014 – So, one month passed away and only one update…. I broke my foot last month and therefore I was unable to drive, work or do anything else boat related… Another month passed and no updates either. Why? it has been busy around me. One advice I always give to people is to continue working and not to abandon your project.

Aquarel – Stairs

18th October 2014 – A whole day spent on the stairs to the hold. Major problem is the small entrance. It takes time to measure and think! Th stairs are also the side cover for the water tanks. A difficult construction, but once finished, I think it will be a masterpiece. Or let’s hope so….

Aquarel – Slow progress

15th October 2014 – It annoys me there is no progress to see or to show the people around you. I insulated the den on one side and put some wood over it. It is a small area, but it gives an idea . While doing so, some more of that big pile of wood is gone. Wall finished and floor visible!

Aquarel – New engine has arrived

14th October 2014 – The engine arrived and this means another step closer to make the ship navigable again. We put it on the front deck with the help of a big car crane on the back of a container barge, so I have enough space to dismantle the old engine. I will reuse the old engine as counter weight for the mast.


Aquarel – Looking for a replacement engine

13th October 2014 – I’ve been looking for a replacement engine for some time now. It is hard to find the same engine at a reasonable price. I made plans for rebuilding the current engine, but nobody really knows what happened to it. She was badly damaged the last journey and had severe frost damage from a few years ago.

Replacing the engine was another plan. I love DAF engines and it would be nice to put a DAF aboard my ship. This also means replacing gearbox, etc…

A few days ago I found a second hand Detroit Diesel. I had a look this evening to check if it was indeed a new engine. So it seems…

Aquarel – Working with silicone

12th October 2014 – Since I don’t stand stable enough on my foot to cut big sheets of wood, my father came to help. While he was working with the saw, I put silicon on all the welding joints. At least no condensation can come the joints of the metal sheets. I don’t know whether it will help or be of any use. It is something to evaluate when they scrap the boat.